5k to 10k in 3 weeks!

I have committed to running a 10k on Sept 29th - ie. 3.5 weeks away, and need some help and advice please.

I only run about 3.5m 3x/week. The furthest I've ever done is 3.6m. All at a pretty steady plodding 9.5 - 10 min miles.

Here's my plan - I don't want to do anything too drastic and overdo it too much...

Carry on with 3-3.5 miles twice a week.
Increase my weekend run to 4.5, then 5.5, then 6.5 in the 3 remaining weekends.

I figure that way I'll have the confidence of knowing that I can go the distance.

Has anybody any better suggestions?



  • Just take it steady, Jo. Relax and enjoy the race. Don't start too fast, and don't be afraid to walk a bit in the middle so that you can finish on a jog and a smile.
    5 to 10km sounds a lot, but change it into miles and it's not so bad. (The numbers are smaller!)
    Don't be tempted to do too long a run beforehand, although it is tempting to make sure that you can do the distance.
    Why not measure out a 10km route from home and make a point of jogging a couple of km, walk for half a km, jog for a couple more, walk for another half km. You should be able to cover the full distance easily then and will still feel fresh enough to do the running training you want to do.
    On the day, you will know that you can do the distance and will probably surprise yourself by how much of it you can actually jog. NEVER be afraid to walk - it's better than pushing yourself and feel bad at the end.
  • Thanks for the advice - I'll make sure I don't over do it. I do take walk breaks sometimes and will use them when necessary.
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