Runner or jogger?

There are some interesting letters in the latest RW mag on the runner/jogger distinction.... what do you think (if anything) makes the difference?


  • State of mind -

    If you think you run then you are a runner, if you think you jog then you are a jogger

  • Cut and paste this link - it's all you need to know

  • I would say..a runner intends running for say an hour oor 10 miles whatever.....and if they get to the front door in 59.55..they run up and down the street till exactly 1 hour..or the intended distance..a jogger will do as little as possible they WANT to be a IS a state of mind..runners HAVE to do it (run that is) joggers want to ..but really cant be bothered..and do it half heartedly ...
  • Speed doesnt really come in to it...
  • It's a relative term, running is just that, jogging is a runner taking it easy ie: an easy pace (for the individual) while warming up or down.  Utimately if you are putting in the effort it's 'running' and nobody can kid themselves over that, from elite to first timer you are the only person you have to prove anything to!
  • Haven't we discussed this before at great length?

    I'll say what I always say which is............. there's no such thing as jogging so you can't possibly be a jogger.  If you have two legs you only have a choice of two stride patterns.  Walking or running.  If you walk you're a walker.  If you run you're a runner.

    Of course, if you're a horse you can also trot and canter image

  • ............oh, and any other runner that refers to someone as a 'jogger' (implying that is all they are) is a 'running snob' and is bad for the sport as a whole!
  • runners have bought gear specifically, joggers use cast offs or a mix of what they can findimage
  •  We had this discussion at my run club on monday and someone suggested that the best way to look at it is as runner v's serious runner....a serious runner is bothered about times/positions.

    i don't care if someone calls me a jogger though....i don't run fast, don't care about times or race positions i just care that i get out there and do it.  call me what you like.....i've been called worse! 

  • PhilPubPhilPub ✭✭✭
    Couldn't give a fig, meself. Mate of mine said recently "I saw you out jogging the other day", which I interpreted as "I saw you running at what looked like a comfortable pace the other day..." Fair enough. Although I suppose "Jog, Forrest, jog!" doesn't have quite the same ring to it.

  • Read or heard somewhere is difference is runners enter events......

     Joggers have "feel good" runs, runners "train".

  • Ive seen this discussed here before, I think the general consensus was that Runners can Jog but Joggers can't Run  !!
  • and if they get to the front door in 59.55..they run up and down the street till exactly 1 hour..

    Oh no! thats a 5 second PB!

  • how can you define "run" though?  I'm a slow plodder (jogger if you like)... but i can up the pace a bit should i choose to if the moment takes me...does that make me a runner too?

    I think most so called "joggers" can go quicker if they want just as quicker "joggers" can go slower.....

    we're all running aren't we?

  • i say let joggers and runners unite as one against the walkers of the world! hee hee image
  • there isn't a difference.  the concept of "jogging" which was invented in the 60s was just distance running for fitness' sake, ie as opposed to "running" which historically had the connotation 'as fast as you can'.

    if you take offence at being called a jogger, then you're probably just a little bit of an idiot

  • I run faster when out with the club and a lot slower around the park on my own.

    Am I allowed to be both a runner and a jogger?????

  • you can be a junner or a rogger
  • whats wrong with my defenition? like has been said, it's been discussed before and at the end of the day it don't really matter.  The term 'jogger' can be used in a derogatory way but again they are either running snobs or neanderthals that would rather smoke & drink themselves to death whilst watching s'tenders & corrie!

     Be proud!!

  • Just look at the Pearl adverts in the running magazines - I think they are a direct (and correct) riposte to the pathetic Reebok 'run easy' campaign. 

    Its a good runner v jogger illustration 

    Joggers to me are headphones, water bottles in the winter etc and having orange juice after the race. you will find the real runners in the pub!

  • In the pub! now we're getting there!! image
  • watching s'tenders & corrie!!!! I do that...good innit ?...but I also run..if someone called me a jogger..I would be MOST OFFENDED !!!
  • Its called Carbo loading and alot more fun than lots of pasta.......

  • iv got the ear phones,the waterbottle and the cast off decathlan t shirts and trainers, however i like going to the pub for a beer, maybe im a junner or a rogger.
  • Don't think it matters as long as you enjoy it - isn't that what running/joggin is about - doing something that you enjoy and feel good about?!?
  • I like the term jogger - like PhilPub says it implies I'm running at an easy pace - which means I've got a faster pace that I'm choosing not to go at - so really it's a compliment.  Of course if I've been giving it all I've got and someone says they saw me out jogging I'd have to kill them.

  • I'm a good runner, its all the damn joggers who keep overtaking me.......
  • If its determined by speed, then it doesn't affect me, as a plodder I guess I can only strive to be a jogger.

    If its determined by effort, then some days I'm a lazy git, some days I'm a jogger, some days a runner and on really rare occasions, sometimes I'm a sprinter!

    At the end of the day, if I get my fat lard ar*e out of the door and am doing something instead of sitting on the couch like normal, then I'm happy, whatever the title.

  • 'rogger sounds more interesting!
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