Best running headphones???



  • Etymotic have a very good reputation... at a price.

    They have a custom fit option as well 

  • I like Etymotic earphones. I am an audiophile of sorts. Yet I wouldn't say they are overly 'running headphones'. Anything is better than the cheap, harsh feeling generic apple iPod earphones though.

    Sennheiser PMX 680 - The Adidas/Sennheiser hybrid. Cheapest price £20 on the link.,or.r_gc.r_pw.&biw=1280&bih=933&ie=UTF-8&tbm=shop&cid=3514726807447758704&sa=X&ei=WhL_TejfBIaXhQeepdybCw&ved=0CEwQ8wIwAA

    Sennheiser MX 80 - Cheapest price £14.98 on Amazon/.

    Found the running headphones on their site. You can get the white ones for £6 on eBay.

    Sennheiser MX 85 Sport II,or.r_gc.r_pw.&biw=1280&bih=933&ie=UTF-8&tbm=shop&cid=9930206154106563874&sa=X&ei=Uhv_TZeDC4-r8QP18JmqCQ&ved=0CE8Q8wIwAA- Cheapest price on Play for £19.95

    Philips SHQ4000 - Cheapest price on Dixons for £17.99

    I hope that helps. If you do indeed go ahead and purchase any of the above, come back and leave your thoughts.

  • I've just had to replace my running headphones and found these running headphones reviews useful.

    In the end I chose the SoundMAGIC E30, because I wanted an earphone that isolates from external noise and I like to route the cabling out of the way. I run in Richmond Park (when I can) and on the treadmill in the gym, so there is no danger from traffic.

    I've previously tried the Sennheiser PMX80, but found the sound quality a bit rubbish.

  • i recently bought the Adidas Sennheiser MX-680's (with the ear fins)

    i had the Cx ones before which go in the ear more, but i prefer the MX ones, they dont isolate quite as much so you can hear the traffic a little better over music (car horns etc) and also because they sit in the ear grooves rather than in the ear canal they dont gunk up with sweat etc,
  • Soundmagic PL30 - Great Sound, never fall out and lots of ear pieces with them to find best fit.

    Do a google search, there are plenty of reviews. They are around £30


  • Yep, I agree... the SoundMAGIC's are perfect for running or gym work.  I just slammed my PL30's in the car door, so have upgraded to the new E30.  The slightly smaller earpiece and softer edges makes it a little more comfortable.  Sound is also improved over the PL30.  A very nice product.

    It took me a while to get the hang of the over ear cabling, until I figured out you have to slide the sleeve on the cable up to the back of the neck to keep it all tight.  Genius!

  • I pushed the boat out and got a pair from Pound land, wrap around the ear type, work great and cheap.

  • My friend has one like that. But I'm not sure.. Maybe it really have some problems.


  • sennheiser PMX70's from Amazon recently (about 17 quid I think).  Suffered from the wet ear thing on the first couple of runs but not since.  Really really happy with them now.  Just need a new MP3 player to go with them! 
  • JVC Gumy ones. About 7 quid in HMV. Perfect!

  • Has anyone got a recommendation of a good mono earphone to use while running?

     I want to be able to hear traffic etc and I normally just run with one stereo earphone in my ear and one tucked in my sportsbra, but the sound quality obviously suffers... I haven't been able to find a mono earphone which will stay in place while running - any suggestions? Many thanks!

  • I have an Archos Clipper 2gb MP3 player - can't fault the player, it's great.  Tiny, clips securely to my running shorts and holds a lot of songs, but the headphones do have a habit of falling out.  It seems to have a standard headphone port, so should I be able to buy some replacements that stay put?
  • Becca I run the same way with one earphone. I usually listen to speech rather than music. I wear it over the ear like a question-mark. If I have a headband or a hat in the winter it keeps the question-mark round my ear even better. Or sometimes I wrap som self-amalgamating tape round the wire near the earpiece so it keeps the right shape permanently. Some earphones come like this.

    Nowadays I use the earpieces that came with an iphone and set it to play in mono. I have cut off one of the earpieces without the microphone in it. That way I still have the buttons for vol, next track etc that are built into the wire near my ear. If the earphone wears out or gets damaged I have the option to attach the unused one with a bit of soldering or tape instead. I have also used Sennheiser CX300

  • right, recently bought some sennheiser PMX70 (neck band type) andhave to say that they really stayed in place and looked ace.   Had a few issues as they hurt my left ear at first but sound quality was good.  Have realised that I like to just hear the music when I am running so didnt enjoy the passive noise from traffic etc (from a safety perspective not good I know!!!)  This willb be a plus for others.  Approx 2 months after buying them I was getting really bad wet ear syndrome, it was as though I was listening to music underwater and frankly ruined my runs for the past month.   Eventually, I lost soud in right ear after approx 3 miles due to the amount of sweat that formed in my ears so looked for a new pair.   I paid about 17 quid for the sennheiser so not to expensive in my opinion.

    Have just had delivered a pair of sound magic E30's and they are ace, over ear type plugs that you can tighten round the back of your head so stay really secure.   They are isolating earphones and sound quality is absolutely out of this world.  Stay in place and have a variety of different fittings.  Over ear thing is detachable so you don't have to look like a plonker when you wear them when not running.  They look ace, stay put, don't give you wet ear and sound fantastic.   10 out of 10 for the sound magic E30's, had a grin on my face since they arrived as I've finally found some decent headphones.  Bought them from and also have to say they are the best site I have ever urchased anything from.  Cost about 40 squids but well worth it!

  • Hi all, being a outdoor enthusiast and audiologist I too was frustrated with all of the sound isolating earphones and ear buds.  I developed a new earpiece for the security industry and found that it works great for anyone who need to be aware of their surroundings while training.  The product allows a user to listen to music and at the same time hear everything in their surroundings.  These can be comfortably worn in both ears and because of the use of tiny, high end balanced armature speakers they fit in the ear canal with out blocking external sound.  You can check them out at  We would invite your thoughts and comments.
  • Hi Matt,

    Intriguing website, how would you rate the sound compared to the usual Sennheiser fare? Any chance of buying them in the UK (at a proper exchange rate)?

    More importantly, any chance of listening to them somewhere in London?
  • Hi John,

    Currently we are sorry to say that we do not have them in the UK.  The sound quality is good...there is a slight loss of low frequency due to the open ear canal but the trade off for safely hearing all other sounds has been benificial to those who have used it in their training activities.   We will let you know when we reach London.

    Thanks, Matt

  • I recommend checking out this article:

    They cover most of the newer earbuds (released in the last year or so).  I personally like the Bose IE2 or the Sennheiser PMX 680, but it's all about personal preference really.

  • I tried a number of different bluetooth headphones and all eventually suffered from sweat damage. The first pair I've found that don't are the Jaybird Freedom - they've been great, however they aren't cheap (nearly £100).

  • The review site suggests that Yurbuds came 3rd in their test. Not too bad. They are new to the UK and we have just got them in before Christmas:

    I am pleased to see the Adi / Sennheiser PMX680 at the top of the pile though. Despite the complications when wearing a hat these are my personal choice too.

  • I have bought all types all prices,bought a pair 2.99 they all the same if you ask me
  • RedjeepRedjeep ✭✭✭
    I have a pair of Philips sports ear buds that have lasted really well. I think that they're the SHS3201 model and were pretty cheap. I've used them a lot when running off road and down the gym. They have an ear hook shape which stops them falling off.

    The only criticism I have is that they're not very isolating and so I'm thinking of buying a different pair for the gym to help filter out the sh!te dance music they insist on playing.

    I have had a pair of these for 3 years, used 4/5 times a week and have been faultless.

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