Baby jogger

I just wanted to share with you all the total euphoria that using a baby jogger brings.

 We had a little boy back in January, and I had written this year off as a case of survival of the fitness, forget about PB's, try and hang in there and get back on track next year.  Well, the boy managed to fit into the baby jogger at 5 1/2 months old and, some 400 odd miles later I have set PB's over 6miles, 10miles and marathon, and look set for another one on Sunday at 1/2 mara.

 It's more than that though.  He loves it, I love it, he gets a good dose of fresh air (which definitely helps him sleep better), it forms part of our daily routine, I get good quality exercise and we get to be together for longer. 

I got ours from E-bay, so I didn't pay a fortune for it.  However, if it broke and it meant I had to stump up £400 for a new one to carry on, I'd go without £400 worth of something to pay for it.  I really can't recommend these things highly enough for anyone with a young child!


  • Who do you work for MM? image

    I used something similar when my lad was a baby and then a todder. He loved it, I loved it and the Mrs thought it was great as it got us both out of the house. It realy was a win win thing. As he got older he would sit up shouting "faster daddy, faster daddy" and loved the puddles.

  • Self-employed, in business with Mrs Muppet, working from home.  I get Mini MM in the mornings and she gets him in the afternoons.  Could possibly be better.

    I am looking forward to getting the conversations going as we run, although some of the hills round here might make my side of the conversation a bit laboured!

  • Sorry, I meant to type "Couldn't possibly be better".
  • I love my baby jogger too, it has meant I can fit in runs that I wouldn't be able to do without asking for babysitters all the time.  He is starting to get a little fed up as at 2 1/2 he likes to walk a lot more.  But soon he will probably come with me on his bike.  A friend came with me on a walk recently and as she'd had a hernia op, was struggling with her pushchair.  I let her loose with mine and she whizzed along.  I wish I had got mine sooner.

    Mine is customised with blades on the wheels Ben Hurr Style.....

    Whereabouts are you in IOM MM?  My family live in Onchan..

  • Do you need to stick to smooth surfaces, like pavements and tarmac roads ?  I have thought about the idea, but a lot of the surfaces i jog on are quite bumpy and pot-holey

  • Its great for bumpy surfaces.  As long as your baby is not too small and can take being moved about a bit.

    If we are going anywhere off road for a walk or on the beach, its worth every penny.  Even take it to the park, as it zips on the grass.

  • We're in Peel Farnie.

    Mini MM tends to use the jiggling and bumping around as an aid for sleep.  He is normally in the land of nod within the first mile.  In fact I don't think he has ever been awake at the  completion of the second mile.

  • Little Farnie hmm he stopped sleeping totally in the day.  But I try and run with him on a Friday when he's been at nursery for the past three days so hes a bit tired anyway, and then coupled with a car journey, I try and get him to sleep before I run.  I have had disasterous runs recently with a full blown toddler strop after the first mile...

    Totally zapped my energy, trying to keep my cool, which strangely I am normally very good at.  I think I ended up giving in just after two miles and let him go and feed the ducks or something while I quietly seethed!! LOL

  • Off-road should be fine.  My friend takes his two boys (1&2) out in a little trailer attached to his mountain bike.  He hits the trails around Dorking (although he has to stick to the wider trails rather than the single track and find windy routes rather than super steep).  The boys love it - bouncing off each other with their helmets on.

    Yes, my friend is mad....  I struggle up the hills without a trailer load of kids!!

  • I had a trailer on my bike for mine as well, ah those were the days.

    I used to take the baby jogger all over the place, esp off road. The major downside was I got through so many tyres! It wasn't the punctures we just kept wearing them out!

  • Yup I've had a few punctures already.  Especially when the hedge trimmer had been at at the hawthorn!
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