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I am having treatment for ITBS, and the physio recomended wearing sorbothane insoles.

I wear these already in my 'faffing about' trainers, but in my running shoes I dont, because they are motion control shoes and I worry that I will spoil the 'mechanics' of the shoe by changing the in-sole... is this correct?


  • Hello Chewy,

    Not sure I can be much help but I'm running in Saucony Grid Omni at the moment and I bought some insoles to raise my heels trying to ease achilles problems that I've been having.

    Seems to work to an extent and I haven't noticed any major problem with the mechanics of the shoe.

    I would suggest you try it aout. After all, the insoles don't cost a lot and if it works then you've got a cheap solution without having to resort to orthotics.

    All the best,

  • Chewy, it's not unusual to remove the insole altogether when fiting orthotics, so I doubt if changing to sorbothanes will affect the shoe mechanics


  • My wife has ITBS and she uses SuperFeet insoles in her trainers, and we both use them in hiking boots. She wears stability trainers (Asics 2060) as a slight over pronator
  • I run with Sorbothane, usually the heel pads but I'm trying out the full-length replacement insoles for longer slower runs. I also have motion-control shoes, Nike Air Durham, and have had no problem so far. Indeed, a physio observed me running in the Nikes with heelpads (not Sorbothane but similar size and shape) and commented that the shoes were doing their job.

    In any event, I have crap biomechanics and really need motion-control shoes but have had no problems running with Sorbothane. I'd echo Ratbag's advice: give 'em a whirl and see how you go.
  • I bought some Sorbothane full length insoles and I find them really brilliant but the instructions say to fit them under the existing insoles (or have It got this wrong!) which I did.

    I have motion control shoes (Aasics
    Gel Foundation) and the insoles don't
    appear to compromise the effect.

  • Thanks for your comments folks. Am trying the sorb insoles out in my Mizuno Wave Foundations. Havent had any adverse effects.

  • Hi, I am wanting to buy some Sorbothane insoles just for extra protection.

    Now, the question is, do I go for the full lenght ones, or the double strike ones ?, they are both the same price (expensive) but if they work I will give them a go,

    Cheers, Gaz.......
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