Dublin Marathon 2008

OK, well at the request of the old gang, I'm starting the new thread....to break the Curse Of The Thread Starter. (As Amadeus pointed out, the 06 thread was started by a man who had a great run in 05, but didn't run 06 due to injury. The 07 thread was started by a man who ran 05 and 06, but couldn't run 07 due to injury... So, as I've done 06 and 07, but won't be doing 08, it seemed safest for me to take the plunge!)

Enough waffle: It's a fab race for both first timers and the more experienced, nice size, lovely support, always a friendly forum full of cake-eaters, and most importantly, the forumite pub is a couple of hundred yards from the finish line! (OK so the loos are downstairs, but that just adds to the amusement).

So..... have fun kids, sorry I won't be there! image 



  • I'll be there. 8)
  • Sincerely hope I can do it image
  • It should be on record now that nobody should aim to run 3.45 in 2008.  Bad things happen to those who do.  Who's in for Club 3.44?
  • Well, maybe I'll get around to running the race in 08 - All that drinking is just too much for me these days - Only have one Dublin Medal, about time I added to it image

    Lets see - Predict a Time for 08 already - Easy, 3 o'clock in Kennedys image

  • As part of my training plan for the 08 Race, I have entered the Stockport 10 on Dec 9th - Need to get my training in early - Predicted time for this - 80 minutes. Hope to see a few Dublinites there.
  • Had a great run in Dublin on Monday in my 43rd Marathon over 12 yrs

    Better still Dublin for once organised the start and sub 4hr runners were separated from the plus 4 hrs group.

    This meant that we did not have to try and get past all the marathon walkers who string themselves across the road in groups of at the very least 4. (it sounds like the Great North Run has also got their start organised).

    Anyway this year I managed 3hrs 53mins and 38secs, brilliant, my 2nd fastest time ever! Note my best time was in Dublin in 2001  when I did 3hrs 45mins

    So if you're looking for a fast run, great course and fantastic craic after the rest do Dublin.

    Unfortunately I wont be their next year.

    Wifey and friends have persuaded me to go for Marine Corps Marathon, Washington DC, train to Philadelphia(sightseeing couple of days) then train to Manhattan for Halloween (yanks go crazy), NYC Marathon Expo, NYC Breakfast Run (UN Building to Central Park along 42nd St Etc) and if lucky with the lottery the NYC Marathon on the Sunday.

    Entry for the Marine Corps is almost guaranteed by quick applica on email and is a much more scenic and better Marathon than NYC. 

    Wifey says the shopping and the exchange rate is also much better in the US of A

    All the best

  • Morning...what  a nice cosy thread!!  Do we need to pass round tea and buns to get everyone acquainted!!

    I will definitely be in Dublin in 08 in one capacity or another.  Not sure if I'll be running it but my sister is doing it (her first ever marathon...yay) so we'll be there to support her for sure.image...and I might just run it myself depending on circumstances!

  • GFB, you have plenty of time to recover.

    I did IMUK, 3 other marathons and my brothers wedding and that was just the last 3 months.

  • Ahhh but we're not all made of Iron ITB!

     I'm supposed to be preparing a course on time management today.  Ohhh the irony - rule #1, avoid the forums...!

  • Morning all .... image

    DTB, thanks for starting the thread.

    BK, I'm with you, taking no chance this year-there's been no thread-strarter-uping and not a mention of that time <<looks round in panic>>.

    Tea for me please GFB, milk no sugar and I'd love a bun thank you very much.

    I could break out the remainder of my halloween stash (no, not gone off pumpkings...mini-flakes). 

    Begsie, well done on time and I have to say your trip next year sounds fab! 

  • LOL @ ITB...I take it your brother's wedding was an endurance sport too!!

    Passes plate of Danish around....(keeping thumb on the pecan ones for me!!)

  • **hyperventilates**

    OK...I've done it....I just signed up for the IM...image...no backing out now!!

  • After such a fab event on Monday, I may consider doing this one again.

    However, not committing yet as too far ahead!

    I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone considering it though !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I'll be back and this time i'll be dragging my brother along! as for the 3:44 club - sounds much more sensible - still reeling from my time this year!!
  • GFB, I was a co-bestman with my other brother, which meant I had to do the last minute run around for missing items. They did have a pool there so I got some exercise each morning while there.

    You can watch IMUK on Sunday 8:25am on Channel 4 to get you in the Ironman frame of mind, however you will need to add about 10c+ for IM lanza.

    Plus later in the day there is a big local match, I think I will not be doing nay training on Sunday.

  • Amadeus - Belated happy birthday and I'm so glad it wasn't you I thought I saw last Monday !

    I'm sure I'll be back next year on my PB course although may look for a bigger challenge next year and do Beachy Head or Snowdonia as well !

    For now I'm only committed to Brass Monkey half in Jan but thinking about the Belfast marathon as well. Both new races for me.

  • Having said all that I've just checked my on-line banking and it looks like my London cheque has cleared.image
  • Poor Dublin 08 will be reeling under the strain of many un-fufilled dream times!  (I include myself under this umbrella even though I didn't get to even run 07, if that isn't unfufilled I don't know what is!).

    Onwards to 08 warriors!image

  • Err...hello to anyone who might remember me.

    At the risk of regretting this based on my cumulative total of six structural injuries in the last 18 months, can I tentatively register my interest in this race for next year? I'm just getting back to some reasonable running again but as I now own a timeshare on The Comeback Trail this is subject to change at very short notice.

    I have been inspired by a club mate of mine who finished 2nd in this years race in 2hr10m with a massive improvement on his previous PB and a time that ranks in the Top 20 UK all-time list. An amazing run but not quite as special as that Russian bloke who is clearly world class. Or on drugs. 

    Whilst I've been away I've been applying my energy to other pursuits and recently became a dad again. My third daughter (Erin) arrived on 17th October weighing 8lbs 1oz which now means I share a house with four women, a fact whilst has resulting in me renaming the current SJ domicile "Oestrogen House". Additionally, I have put down a sizeable deposit on an nearby allotment but only because my meagre resources meant I couldn't quite stretch to a shed like Amadeus's in the back garden. image

    My revised domestic circumstances are an added incentive to pull the trainers on and get out the door on a daily basis for the sake of my psychiatric health. 

    Hope to get posting more regularly soon.

    Love to all.      


    P.S. Don't tell anyone but I'll be  V40 by next October. How scary is that?

  • Crikey...that man SJ is back!!image  Congratulations on the new baby!  And welcome back to the fold!

    Thanks for the heads up ITB...going off to Sky+ IMUK now....I'll watch that on the bike on Sunday afternoon!

  • yikes, my London cheque ahs been cashed too..... hmmm...... was planning on doing Seville in Feb, wonder if I can manage London as well...... hmmmmm........dilemna.....never done London before (4th time lucky in the ballot) but will prob never have chance to do Seville again either.....

  • Hello GFB! I was worried for a minute that I wouldn't know anyone on here so it's great to see you, I hope you and yours are all fit and well.

    And what's this? DTB with a new call sign (if the badge fits etc.) Based on the fact the word Ultra* now appears in your description, why not do both? I've heard excellent reports about Seville btw.


    * No doubt that Harrier Half of yours is having a bad influence.  

  • Don't worry SJ there is a bunch of us oldies still here!!  image
  • How's the mad Doctor F? They managed to restrain her yet?

  • ...well she's in Florida as we speak doing an IM tomorrow so I'd have to go with "no"!!
  • Hi SJ,

    are you SJ of the "drink SIS gel until your nose bleeds" fame?

    Sorry to hear about your injuries, glad you're on the mend and congratulations on the latest addition.  You sound like make Dad when you talk about Oestrogen house, his catch phrase used to be "even the bloody dog is female"... 

  • S what?  S who?  Never heard of the man.

    Standards are slipping in this place I tell you, when they let slackers like that fella back in!

    Welcome "home" and a huge great big congratulations on the latest addition.  Are you planning to keep going until you have a boy or will you now do the decent thing and let a maniac with a pair of scissors near your most intimate possessions (no, not your New Balance...)

    Actually the only consolation of my recent b/day is that I am now V35.  Not that I'll be troubling the winners rostrum much...  Well of course the other consolation is the wii, which I think I have just ruptured my shoulder  on playing baseball and tennis...

  • Actually since you're back I might as well take the opportunity to pick your brains (and those of the rest of you!)...

     "Advanced marathoning" by Pfitzer and Douglas, just read it and it seems excellent.  Do you know anyone  who has followed thier plans and if so what kind of improvments were made / how did they find them?

  • LittleRascal -

    If that is to be my RW legacy then I'm honoured that someone actually bothered to listen to something I had to say! You must be a journalist though as the quote has had a touch of poetic licence applied with the insertion of the word "gel". Not sure how you would go about drinking one of those awful things without gagging.

    On the issue of gender imbalance, I've just received an email from an old friend of mine who has an identical set of circumstances. His plan is that instead of going for the traditional minor surgical procedure when one's family is complete, he will intead be asking to have "the lot" removed in the spirit of "if you can't beat them, join them".

    Might be a bit over-zealous for my liking but then again I beleive their is now an Elite Womens start at Dublin. Hmmmm....tempting.

    SJ image



  • Amadeus - I'm not much of a reader I'm afraid and as for brains to pick I fear years of alcohol abuse have left me severely cerebrally depleted image

    Give me a brief synopsis and I'll gladly give you an opinion though.


    P.S. In answer to your first question, we're all done here thanks. Appointment booked.

    P.P.S. Still driving crap cars? image


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