replacement for oasics 1110

Help! Have always run in the oasics 1110 and have never had a problem.  What have they been replaced by and is the replacement better, different, worse?  Am laid low having had a foot operation - no running for at least another 8 weeks so am looking to buy new shoes to cheer me up.  Thanks all.


  • Was the 1120 but has now moved onto the 1130. Not changed a great deal since the 1110, the medial post (support) hasn't been radically altered so a fairly safe bet if you got on well with the Asics 1110.

    Hope you're foot heals quickly!! 

  • thanks for that sensible.  Have found some bargai 1120 on Start Fitness, but no 1130.  Will keep looking though.  Thanks for the good wishes.
  • I just got a pair of 1110 from JJB of all places, half price as well. Maybe you could get a couple of pairs if you really liked them, get em while they're cheap!! I hated the colour scheme (they only had ones with pink detail) but I chose them for the stability and comfort/ fit as I realized that caring what they look like is counter-productive. I admit to being a bit embarrassed by the pinkness, but they are very comfortable and the knee problem I was having disappeared when I changed to these shoes.

    They also had other Asics models on sale. Worth a look- they have an online shop as well to save you trapsing down the shops. 

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