MP3/Radio advice needed please

I have an unbranded MP3/FM radio!  The problem is that even though I only use the radio, the battery (AAA and a good brand) lasts sometimes less than an hour!

Is this typical? Or is the MP3 player just kak? If so does anyone have any suggestions for something more suitable that doesn't cost the earth?

Cheers in advance!


  • Hi,

    I use the IPod Shuffle which last for longer than I have ever needed in one session - over 2 1/2 hrs up to now.  Come to think of it, I've done more than double this time in total over a week without recharging the IPod, so I see this as a great device.  The Shuffle is small (about a third of the size of a credit card, but slightly thicker) with no screen, basic in use, but has a handy clip on its back - I click the Shuffle onto my shorts and feed the earplugs up through my t-shirt - you hardly notice you are wearing the thing.

    Its easy to use, just connect it to its docking station which is plugged into a PC or Mac by USB, then use the Apple software to drag and drop 'your' music into the Shuffle.  I use the 1GB one, which I find ample.  I think they are approx £50 brand new, but without doubt, you'll get one cheaper online, or secondhand. (plus, its rechargeable, so no extra batteries required)

    Hope this is of some help.

  • i use my "pink" ipod shuffle. its great.

    very small holds enough songs that i need. ipod say it holds 240 songs mines already got 280 strong.

    it clips onto your waist band which is good easy to change songs. although it doesnt have playlists.

    bought mine from an apple shop only 40squid. cant complain.;)
  • Thanks do those models have a radio?

  • im afraid you cannot get radio for ipod shuffle. although somebody might correct me on that.
  • i think radio uses more power than mp3, as it needs to receive the signal.  this might be b*ll*x though.

    also, headphones can make a difference, and what volume you have it on

     i use an mp3, cost about £40, and provided the volume is set at about 22 (out of 30!) then an AAA lasts about 5 hours

  • Nike do a small FM radio that fits on your upper arm and has decent reception. About £40. There aren't that many on the market, especially sweat proof models.

  • If you need much longer consider one of the older model Sony MP3s.  Look on their website and you can find a model with FM radio as well.  I have one without FM that last up to 25 hours on a single USB charge.
  • Thanks for your advice everyone!
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