I keep collapsing



  • Douglas


    just caught up with this

    good luck mate

  • What a shock for you but it does sound positive. All the best for your recovery.

    Thinking of you and good luckimage

  • Best of luck and I hope the chemo doesn,t get you down.
  • Good luck DJ - I'm so glad they caught it early.
  • ((DJ)), as you say - not what you expected or wanted. However, on the plus side, this has been caught early.

    I do know peeps who have successfully faught lung cancer and are living full and active lives meany years later. Being fit and, otherwise, healthy is in your favour.

    Meanwhile, I do hope that the chemo isn't making you feel too rotten.

    Take care,


  • DJ is doing really well and is an inspiration to us all having adopted a practical and intelligent attitude to his current situation. He has continued to enjoy the athletic side of his life and my daughter has recently  taken up running as a new and enjoyable hobby which DJ is very pleased about!

    Petal xxx

  • Crikey DJ. just read this.

    Hope the chemo is tolerable and curative.

    Best Wishes 

  • Absolutely. I second that. Get well soon.

  • Just read the thread, DJ, hope the chemo goes well, doesn't take too much out of you and you're soon back to your running image
  • Thanks for the update Amanda

    glad to hear he is doing well

  • wishing you well, chanced on this thread on 4 Feb, followed it through curiosity to find out what the problem was (I'm a nurse, and nosey) and got a shock when I saw your latest entry. hope you keep strong and well and that you have caring professionals doing you good.


  • Hi folks,,

    Thank you all so much for your positive replies. It really helps.

     I had the first dose of my second cycle on Monday. All went well and physically I'm feeling good, but the chemo seems to slightly mess with one's brain function. Although I'm feeling positive, I had difficulty in reading the Times this morning. The second cycle is, so far, easier than the first cycle. Next Monday I have a CT scan, which my oncologist will compare with my original CT scan. Hopefully, when I see him on 18th February, he'll tell me that there's an improvement.

    For the medically minded I'm on Carboplatin and Naeveleine (sorry about the spelling).

    Another interesting fact about this cancer malarky is how happy I'm feeling. Yes, it's a very strange thing to say, but I feel totally at peace.

    Once again, many, many thanks for all your support; it really does make a difference.

    Douglas aka Leaping Wolf

  • good to hear form you

    I guess the diagnosis puts life into perspective for you

    and that can be a peaceful thing

    I truly wish you all the best

  • ((( DJ))) thinking of you and hope you stay strong


  • Dougie - you around over the weekend? Glad to hear you are feeling better



  • Douglas - it is great to see all the support you are receiving from friends new and old.  You have responded so fantastically to the unexpected diagnosis and are now coping positively with the treatment.  I am sure you will be up and running in every sense by the summer.

    Best love Gina

  • Douglas - I can't read the Times anyway! image

    And I've got an English degree!image

    Hope it all continues to go well. So glad to hear you feel peaceful. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

  • DJ has taught me how to run and I enjoy running now too!! DJ has been very patient and even took me to my first 5km even last Saturday.  Not been running for long (about 6 weeks) but completed first 5ks in 24 minutes.  DJ has been completely supportive and without him, I would not ever have taken up running.  He is very caring and sweet and always picks me up and takes me to Richmond Park for weekend runs.  xxxxx

  • Nice to hear from you, Marge, and well done on your 5k (my first took me 42 minutes)!

    Hope you're keeping Doug on his toes.

  • Thanks for your message slugsta! i will definitely try to keep Doug on his toes, although his best 5kms is 17 minutes so he will be keeping me on my toes!!!!
  • Hi folks,

    The hospital have fitted me up with a sports cancer specialist. He reckons that it'll take three months to recover from the chemotherapy and upto a year before I'm back to normal. This no excuse for slacking. He's set me a goal of 30 minutes light aerobic exercise per day keeping HR below 125. He tells me that this will make the chemotherapy work better too. Sadly I'm not allowed to swim, because of the bugs in the pool and my chemotherapy induced low white blood cell levels. However, once I'm off the chemotherapy, I smell a summer of swimming...........maybe a Swimtrek excursion in June?

    It's good to have goals and, whilst blistering race times may never happen again, cancer is not an excuse for giving up and letting one's body go to seed.

    If I'm going to die, I'm going to die healthyimageimageimageimage and, if I'm going to live, that's all the more reason to keep in good shape.imageimageimageimage

    So either way the die is cast and giving up is not an option.

    Once again thanks for your support folks.

    Douglas aka Leaping Wolf

  • Like the positive attitude Douglas,but be aware of the dangers of infection I have been unable to run for fifteen months as my right hip is crumbling due to an infection in the joint . The hospital reckon I got it when my system was low due to chemo.As soon as I get a new hip I hope to get a few more miles under my belt.

    You,re right it,s not an excuse for giving up. Best of luck and remember whatever pace you reach will be your new blistering pace.

  • Oh Douglas what a wonderful post!

    Didnt know there were sports cancer specialists and Im glad he's on your case.

    Love your PMA too and think it should be hung up in doc surgerys everywhere.

    Now get your leg warmers on and go!

    Love and luckimageimage

  • Douglas what a fantastic post.

    That is such a great attitude to life ...and death

    I so wish you well. I'm sure your attitude will give you more of a fighting chance to beat this and come back faster than you might expect. 

  •  Cripes

    Just caught up with this post, was about to start telling you about tilt table tests (although PH has pretty much covered it) then realised the dates on it and that there were more pages

    Echos above

    Your attitude is a lesson to everyone, and good on you, in my experience it can do as much good, if not more, as anything else


  • Hoping that DJ is able to come to Cornwall soon and spend a few days by the sea just chilling and enjoying a change of scenery  and some good wholesome Cornish food and fresh air- he's had a good run along the beach at Hawkers Cove  in the past which he enjoyed  while I walked on the beach with the dogs ( I know that's not up to you lot's standards but it's not bad on a daily basis!)

    watch this space!

    Petal xx 

  • A few days chilling in such a lovely place sounds pretty good to me. Hoping that you all have a great time.
  • Once again thanks for everyone's support.

    I continue to feel mentally good, which actually surprsises me considering the potential gravity of the situation.

    I wass chatting to a phsychologist friend of mine over kitchen bridge, who is doing a trial on whether writing notes/diary on major health issues is of benefit or not. The patients are divided into three groups; one group write nothing, a second group write about their illness and a third group write about anything but their illness. The results are not yet out, but the theory is that writing about one's illness is theraputic.

    However, whilst in hospital waiting for surgery (this was for biopsy purposes), I wrote 7 pages to my oncologist, which I suspect he politely took before consigning to the dustbin! Did I naturally hit upon the mental key?

    I just wonder if writing and talking about these things really is of major benefit as per my friend's theory.

    Anyway I repeat that I am a pretty happy person right at this moment even though I don't understand why. I don't think that this is because I am in any way exceptional; I'm just very, very lucky.

    Once again thanks for all the support.

  • Douglas

    i think its marvellous they are treating you as a sportsman

    If i were your doc, i would have read all seven pages with interest

  • Well done on the PMA Doug. Perhaps you did hit on the right thing to do to help with that.

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