3.45-4.00hrs FLM 08


  • need for speed

    Running Wibury (deferred from this year)

  • Count me in! - rACy DC!
  • TRW

    I defered as well!. Have you started training yet?

  • Started getting fit again over the Summer. Done a few races. Doing Gosport Half this coming Sunday, then hibernating into marathon training. I'll be using the 'ultimate sub 4' schedule from this site, and repeating a few of the weeks.

    What about you?

  • sioUxsioUx ✭✭✭
    I'm hoping to be in and aiming for sub 4
  • I'm the same, waiting to find out if I'm in through Online entry. If so dreaming of sub 4.

  • I'm in for charity (Anthony Nolan Trust) but have still entered the ballot to see if they have have their place back!  The big news should be out soon...
  • I'm in for charity (Anthony Nolan Trust) but have still entered the ballot to see if they have have their place back!  The big news should be out soon...
  • im on board!

    first one and looking forward to it

  • Hi Guys!

     I'm in and gonna be aiming for sub 4 hours. Am going to be following the FURMAN F.i.r.s.t marathon plan.

    Am starting 16 week training plan this week, (few weeks early to allow for illness/injury) and can't wait! I have known I have a place for ages and am itching to get the training started.

    What training is everyone else going to be following? Will be interesting to see how succesful different plans etc are...

  • Im going to have a go at the Runners World Smart coach thing - have a look in the training section - seems to be a pretty good schedule - anyone used it before?

  • The Smartcoach thing is a possibility. I'll compare it with the sub 4 schedule and see which one feels better. Last half of the year yesterday (Gosport) so having a week of light jogging before embarking on schedule. First race - Dartford 10 in Jan.
  • happy mondays all


    i'll be interested to hear how your  plan goes. My plan is a bit basic 3 runs a week, but i think it will work ok. I play badminton on Mondays,  run with a club on wednesday (6-7 miles medium/fast pace) and friday (4-5 miles fast) and on Sundays i've been running on my own, two slow laps (13.5 miles in total) round our local resovoir for the last 5 weeks. I wont change the club runs, but hope to be doing 3 laps (20 miles) on my Sunday runs, by new year or soon after the hangovers gone!, then just do 3 laps a few times before the big day. Probably do the Oakly 20 as a FLM warm up. I did two laps yesterday after a (rare for me these days) very boozy night out (i still felt tipsy running!) and it was awful, hardest two laps ever and vowed never to do that again, felt ill most of yesterday after run and feel shattered today!

    My aim is for consistant 9 min miles on the day, then speed up a bit if anything left in the tank for last few miles.

  •  Yes I,m in and up for this time. This will be my second London did it in 2006 time of 4.21.

      Learned a lot from that one started training for it as soon as cheque cashed and did way to much to soon come End of Feb early March was a spent force and blow my chance of doing a sub 4.

       Trw 9min plan is fine except for the speeding up at the end, however many twentys you do I did six come those last six miles it really gets hard.

       For anybody who hasnt done it yet the target time is good, but the main thing is to finish and with a smile on you face enjoy it because its a fantastic day what ever time you do! 

  • Sorry Trw meant need for speed!
  • Tomb

    i agree there is a danger of to much to soon. I'm limited to 3 runs a week max due to being self employed/family man/achilees insertion niggle, so trying to get used to longish runs early to avoid injury in the late stages doing the 20 mile runs.  I also did the 2006 FLM (4HR 16 MINS) but  peaked at a race a few weeks before. I finished the hilly Oakly 20 MILER faster than i got to 18 miles in the FLM!!. So gently does it this year. I'm hoping 9 min miles will be comfortable over the very long distances by march if all goes to plan. I seem to run better in the second half of races, but that last six!!!

  • yep Im in for sub 4 hours this time round, well 4 to be exact....knocked 30 mins off my half marathon time to come in at 1h 46m so using ye olde marathon calcs should be 2 X my best HM plus 30 mins.....coming in at 4h 30m so got 4 months to knock that down....should be possible image
  • I'm working on the same theory,Neil. According to the 'ultimate' sub 4 schedule that I'll be using, running a 1.50 half in the first couple of months is a target. Ran 1.57 on Sunday, pretty much without using a schedule. Hoping to take chunks off half times over the course of the schedule before the marathon.
  • Thought I'd come and intriduce myself on here, ready for the new year when I may be a regular visitor. Me and fella are in, both looking for a convincing sub 4. Have done it 3 times myself already, BUT last 2 attempts at maras were 4:25 FLM 2006 (was ill) and DNF Paris 2007 (heat) ...... yes, I'm always full of excuses. Once got a GFA (3:39:46) but that was Dublin 2004 when I was obsessed with weight loss and running. My fella has a 4:14 (FLM 2006) and a 4:29 (Paris 2007) under his belt BUT he could defo get sub 4:00.

    My half mara time currently 1:46 and fellas is 1:35 so he's got the speed but I've got the endurance image

  • hey caz, Im your 1h 46m HM buddy!!

    wilbury, yep thats the theory......its the execution Im worried about!! hehe

  • Went for post race jog yesterday and experienced the usual leg tiredness. Week 1 of schedule next week is easy anyway.

     Until then - more decorating! Don't you just LOVE having weeks off work?!

    Staying with my Daughter over marathon weekend. She lives in Lewisham, about a 10 min drive to the start. All I've got to do now is find a good eaterie in the area for the Saturday night. Any London Peeps got any suggestions? 

  • Hi all

    feel crap today, tonsils a bit swollen, feel in a bit of a daze and throat feels like its been attacked by an electric sander!.  Cant face club run tonight. How long should i stop running for do you think for quickest recovery, couple of days, a week? Never sure if a run after a couple of days might do good by sweating/getting hot and kick starting bodys defences in to action, or better off sitting around fed up, feeling fat and unfit waiting for it to go?

  • wilbury what sort of thing are you after foodwise and where?
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