When can you check the online FLM thing?



  • Aghh I can't stand the waiting! was bad enough having to wait until the 30th, now it's just got a lot worse. Yes i'm impatient!LOL
  • I've resigned myself to not getting a place, so I'm not too fussed about waiting an extra few days... If I get in I get in if not I'll concentrate on the robin hood or possibly Snowdon.

  • Just got home from work to discover my jacket and bad news image I didn't get a place. Boo Hiss Boo.

    Now i just need to decide whther i do Lochaber or Edinburgh instead...

  • I entered on line and got my 5th refusal through the post today so I would ignore anything they tell you!

  • Did you apply on-line though................
  • I refer the honourable gentleman to my above post!
  • Hi M.eld

    Posted at the same time i think.....i was asking the Goose. Confusing really, so you entered on-line and still got a jacket...how this happen

  • My son entered online and got in on the extra 1000 bequeated places
  • Getting more confused now
  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭
    I have just got an acceptance pack through and I entered on line.
  • It's not fair 2 of my friends got theirs today and i'm still waiting image


    Actually image

  • btw - online entry. Got in through ballot last year.
  • good luck everyone
  • I entered online and got my acceptance pack today.


    This is my fifth year of entering the ballot - four rejections and now one acceptance.

    Now London will be my tenth proper marathon.

    Commiserations to anyone who didn't get in this year.

    Right, I'm off out for a run. 

  • SezzSezz ✭✭✭

    I entered online and my Mum just phoned to say I got my acceptance pack ( I put her address as I thought I'd be moved from my flat by now).  Hurrah!

    How do we pay for it though, does it say in the pack? 

  • I don't think that it says how to pay in the pack (haven't read it all).

    I expect we will get an email reminder soon.

    In any case we have until the 21st December to pay so no need to panic yet. 

  • I'm a reject too.... didn't think we'd hear till next week....?

    So an Autumn Marathon for me. either the Robin Hood or Snowdon.

  • Myself and Mr Slug both received our rejection mags yesterday.

    Think you have to go on-line and pay  if you were accepted.

  • Yep, i registered online and bequethed my entry fee, thats why i got my jacket. It was interesting to see that next years ballot will be entirlely online and will open on the day of FLM 2008 and will close in September 2008 or when it hits 120,000 entries! That should stop all the hassle with the striking posties!
  • Sillygoose where does it say about it being entirely online next year?
  • It says on my rejection letter in CAPITAL BOLD text 'Please note that the entry ballot for the 2009 Flora London Marathon will be held entirely online. The entry system for 2009 will open at 12 noon on April 13th 2008 - the day of the race. Log on to www.london-marathon.co.uk for more details'
  • Entered online and rejected offine - via the traditional mag!
  • Oh right I've not recieved anything from them just yet so will wait for my letter thanks image
  • Post just arrived and nothing image
  • I,m in!

             Only entered on the off chance,And to knock off a rejection year.

        Wife not to happy as I hadnt even told her  I was entering, Kids over the moon as I said they could have a cat the next time I did a Marathon! 

        This will be my second London  as I was lucky enough to get  in two years ago.

        Sorry to all those first timers who didnt make it keep trying it took me a couple of trys before I got in, It really is worth all that suffering.

  • Im In second attempt, applied on lineimage

    All the best to the successful applicants and commiserations to the unsuccessful applicants.  

    See you 13th April 2008

  • Fourth rejection yesterday following online ballot that is taking place at the end of the week. Remarkable how they can see into the future.

    Couldn't run it anyway as I have a fractured tibia, but at least it's only one more rejection before I get guaranteed entry for 2010. Woo hoo.

  • Hilarious. My husband hasn't got in got his pack yesterday, I have had nothing and we both entered online.  So am guessing I am not in either, how weird this technology is!
  • Sadly it's a big no for me..............rejection never liked it

    How you doin Sezz

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