Plantar Fasciitis????

Hey guys in the last couple of months whilst training for a couple of races I've noticed some soreness on my right heel which having done some research I believe is something to do with the plantar fascitis. I land heel first and have adequate shoes (Nimbus 9s) It's not really painful and I can still run basically fine but it is a little sore especially in the morning but is fine after moving a round a bit. I had no problems running a 16 mile race about a month ago too and have been resting since then.

I'm on a running break at the moment, resting/preparing for marathon training which will start mid december. Just wondering apart from rest if there's anything else I can do to help recovering (heat packs, massages etc) I'm not hugely worried about this but obviously it'll be a concern if its giving me grief when I start training with long runs etc as I can imagine it'll onlyget worse.

Anyone had this before then, experiences of it etc? How long did it take to go away and have you found anything useful to help recovery?

Cheers guys, any information helpful. image


  • a couple of thoughts, but there'll be others on here much better qualified to answer.... 

    you could try routinely icing it after running even if you're not feeling any ill effects - the frozen satsuma or water bottle methods seem popular.

    Also, are your day to day shoes giving you enough support? Especially you have have a job that keeps you on your feet (this was the case for a friend of mine who got PF because of a very high arch and soft squidgy trainers)

    did you have you gait analysed with your trainers? you still might find a lot of overpronation (I'm not sure what sort of shoe the nimbus are)  Even with custom orthotics I still have a lot of overpronation.

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    Cheers mate. Yeah had my gait analysed a while ago. Im neutral, land on the outside of my foot and with a heel strike. I might go into a running shop and get them to have a look again tho. Might even speak to a physio or podiatrist or something as I dont want to run into any problems when i start training for my next marathon. Running is important to me thesedays and it would be annoying to have a little niggle like this develop into a problem.

    Cheers mate

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