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did anyone hear the programme on Radio 4 last night about internet behaviour/social networking sites etc? I only heard a bit of it but it was surprisingly interesting...the bit I heard was discussing if (and why) we disclose more about ourselves online than we would in 'real' situations and whether the rise of social networking sites is creating more division in society or creating more of a community?

over to you



  • I would never tell anyone online that I was a 65 yr old dirty old man with a handlebar moustache, and tendencies to prey on younger female runners.  I prefer to keep it a secret.
  • Those who've met Coops collaborate to keep this secret
  • LOL coops.... your secret is safe with us image
  • yes coops tried to  groom me  ,but i refused...
  • I didn't hear that programme but my OH told me about another programme on the radio where they were discussing chat rooms.

    Apparently a father of a 13 year old girl was telling everyone to be careful about using chat room sites after his daughter had arranged to go to Butlins with a friend she'd made on the site. Only it turned out that the 'friend' was not another 13 year old girl but a 30 year old man!
    The girls father had even spoken to this man on the phone in belief that he was the girl's father. He then proceeded to put his daughter on a train, by herself to meet up with - well who knows what!

    What a fool! What parent in their right mind sends a 13 year old off on their own without knowing who's at the other end to meet them!

    I don't know how he had the gaul to let himself be interviewed!

    The girl was fortunately OK and rang home as soon as she realised what was going on.

    We do not allow out children to use chat rooms ever and time on the internet is just for homework.

    This is the only forum I go on and I don't give away too much about myself. But I am the same in the 'real' world...

  • I think there is a lot of naivity about internet disclosure.  Would you stand in the street and discuss 'everything' ?

    Some of you might......but I suspect it would make people think twice - lots of people come on here to discuss things in 'private' but  make no recognition of the fact that trawling their previous threads often gives their location, name, birthday and family members.

     It's fine if you are aware of that and happy with it -what always worries me are the people who think it's anonymous.......
  • What a great piece of responsible parenting...

    Coops - really? You didn't look a day over 60. But nice 'tache though.

  • Well I would like to say my credit card number is..................
  • hes 58 actually ,
  • and ime not in on mondays after 3 ...
  • Mind you my kids think it's very odd that their Mum goes off to meet with people she's met on the net................

    We have a bit of reverse parenting here! 

  • I have been sadly disappointed. Everyone has turned out to be who they said they were.......... no sexual perverts yet but I keep meeting up hopefully
  • Mrs P - so they were accompanying you to make sure you were okay? I could understand their concern, if they'd read the list of forumites who'd be there...
  • you've not met Plum then?
  • no sexual perverts yet but I keep meeting up hopefully

    I was on best behaviour!

  • I'm not the same as my picture...
  • image

    Still hope for Luton then ? 

  • So I brought my children with me and left them in the care of .........well to name one..... M.ister W

    how responsible was that then ? 

  • well i wouldnt say that mrs pig,,,,,, wipes sweat from brow.....image
  • Mrs P - just having children anywhere near a triathlon is bound to corrupt them. All that lycra...
  • Minces across thread in black PVC, blow up animal and wig ..............................

    ...............................  pervert , moi????

  • mmmmmmmmmmmmm...
  • winks lasciviously at nogbat......
  • cough, cough, stamering i can explain,  blushes..
  • NamNam ✭✭✭

    I didn't listen to it at the time but looked like an interesting programme...  quite thought provoking...

    link to full transcript

    will be on again Sunday 11th apparently

  • i thought staying in and networking on facebook is the new going out?

    i do wonder whether online interaction will become the main way people interract  in the future - it fits into increasingly busy lifestyles

    i think text culture is interesting -instant communication wherever you are -plus the "need" to text about very mundane things and to get instant responses - is it changing how we relate to people - i want a message and i want it now -instead of catching up in delayed time

    "im jst havng sht -m9s a pint m8te" !!

    and how did people ever do any shopping without calling home to see exactly which teabags they should buy image

  • I collected my 15yr old plus friend from one of her numerous activities this week - in the car, the pair of them started chatting and then moved to txting each other........... ?
  • shakes head

    ...i must be getting oldimage

  • The local schools here are warning kids to stay off Facebook and other social networking sites because of the fact that computer hackers can get in and view your personal details really easily apparently - find out where you live - they can see what you look like from all the photos you post of your social outings and of course your profile picture.  And who are the hackers?  The schools are telling kids they are...paedophiles.
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