Hello, I have just recently started running after a pretty long absence. Used to run for my local club as well as the school cross country and athletics team about 11 years ago (easy to estimate my age then!) I have been training for about 6 weeks and am going to try for my first 10K on 22nd September. I haven't really done the distance work - oops!- but am keen to run it anyway! To be honest I am experiencing something I NEVER had when I ran previously and that is stomach problems. I have been looking throughout the various threads and it does seem to be commonplace but mines is becoming so bad now when running I am going to docs to see what she suggest (she is also a distance runner). This has had put a dampner on my training and I am sure if I was 100% healthwise I would be fully prepared for 10K. Anyhow now it is starting to get a bit darker at nights and I am not so keen to run when its very dark (after being harassed by a male in a car at 3pm in the afternoon!)I can see i may have to use the treadmill occasionally - I don't think that it is as 'difficult' to run on these, can anyone give me any suggestions what to do in the winter months as I won't be able to go for many long runs in the area once the clocks go back.


  • Hello Moo Moo,

    Just a quick suggestion that if you have to use the dreaded treadmill just set it to a slight incline and this will help to simulate 'real' running.

    Save your long runs for the daytime at the weekend.

    All the best,

  • Aw, the treadmills aren't so bad if you can boogie alone to Enrique Iglesias' "Escape" at the same time! Now that's a song with a good beat to run by...
  • As Ratbag says, set the treadmill incline for 1-2% and start running. Does the treadmill you intend to use have a 'random' course generator or a 'hill' session? It's worth using these one a week at least for the speed work, then you can enjoy your long run at the weekend in the daylight. Is it worth putting up an advert in your local gym or asking friends for a running partner, or joining the local running club?
  • My other half does occasionally come out for a run but as he is a footballer training twice a week and playing on a Saturday its not always possible to have him with me. Weekend long runs sound best and yes Dangly Spice the local gym does have about 16 different course generators so I am spoiled for choice. Any last minute tips for running Edinbrughs 10K on Sep 22nd!!!!!??
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