Garmin marathon schedules and macs


I use my Garmin Forerunner 205 on a Mac and want to download the marathon schedules from the RW website but can't get it to work. Looks like I need a version of Garmin Training Centre (3.1) that I can't download for the mac, but am I right? I've spent ages doing this and it's driving me mad - can anyone help at all?




  • I am using a PC and cannot download the schedule either although it worked fine last year. There seem to be problems with the Website.
  •  If you go to you should be able to download Mac compatible Training Center software.

     Hope that helps.

  • Tried that already - that's how I'm getting my Garmin to work. The .wkt file just doesn't seem to be compatible with the mac version. Are you using a mac Andy and got this working? Henry - you need to upgrade your PC version to 3.1 or above (that much I know!).
  • Try again. I just talked to a technician at RW and they fixed some issues with the program.
  • Still won't work - found out from Garmin that the file format .wkt used by RW isn't compatible with Macs image

    Henry, do you have the contact details of that techy at RW so I can get in touch myself?
  • Yes, please post solutions to the group. I've been having the same problem. Have up to date version of Traniing Center for Mac. It doesn't like files with a *.wkt extension....have tried renaming file, but to no avail.
  • Here is the address of the person who helped me:
  • Thanks henry, but that e-mail bounces:

    Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

    Technical details of permanent failure:
    PERM_FAILURE: DNS Error: Domain name not found

  • Try to call her: 020 7339 4416 (direct) 020 7339 4400 (switchboard)
  • My MacBook and my 305 have never got on since the day they met. This is frustrating because I'd love to use the RW marathon stuff on my Garmin.
  • Tom

     In the email address I believe it should be spelt Rodale NOT Roadale.

  • Thanks I'll try that
  • I waited quite a while to buy a 305, as the Mac support software only came on stream earlier this year, and even then only as a beta version. Some Garmin software is fine with the Mac, but several areas have yet to become native across both Mac and PC platforms. This has been an ongoing issue for me, since my Garmin regularly loses tracking at around 17 miles (frustrating on marathons to say the least!) - a fault which I'm told by Garmin support can be rectified by downloading the unit upgrade from their website. Guess what? Yep, the download is available for PC systems only...

    I'm guessing that many/most RW staff machines are Mac based (standard platform for much design and journalism...)? Are they finding a way around this issue?

    Russ the frustrated MacRunner
  • I have downloaded the schedules onto my PC and then onto my Garmin 305.  When I look at the schedules and put them onto my Garmin calendar, the schedules end on March 13 which it tells me is Marathon Day!  I have entered 13/04/2008 correctly before downloading.  Can anyone help a poor old veteran?
  • Hi guys

    Just to let you know we are looking into this for you - hope to post an update soon.

    Thanks for your patience.

  • Hey All,

    Unfortunately, as you're finding out, the Garmin Schedules are not compatible with Macs. image They weren't last year either, but I've contacted the helpful chaps at Garmin and asked if they can come up with a solution before the 16 weeks start. I can't promise anything but we'll certainly look into this for you and try our best.

    I see some of you are also have issues with the dates once you've carried out the download. Can I ask you to supply me with the link to the schedule you're downloading, the version of Training Center you're using and finally any pace or HRM variables you're inputting.

    Thanks for your patience and sorry for any frustration caused.

    Dan RW image

  • Thanks a lot Daniel, please keep us posted. One work-round would be to find a technologically-backward friend with a PC, persuade them to let me put Training Centre on their PC, download the workout, and then sync my Garmin to their PC, then sync it with the Mac, and the schedule will be uploaded to the Mac.

  • Colin... 13/04/2008 is March 13th? What's the problem?

  • Hahaha... how stupid do I feel now? image
  • P.s.... i'm now stumped as to a solution for you Colin! maybe try alternative dates?
  • Hi Tony,

    Can I ask you to try and download the schedule from the this page please? You will need to enter the date you wish to race on but apart from that everything is the same.

    Please let me know how you get on. 


    Dan RW 

  • Hi Tony,

    Could I also ask you to email me the wkt file that seems to be providing the wrong date?

    Thanks again

    Dan RW image

  • I have exactly the same problem as Tony, with March 13th as the race date.  However, I don't want to download the schedule from Dan's link above as that is a 3:15 schedule, which is too quick for me.  I want the 3:45 schedule.  Dan, where do I get this one from?
  • Hi

    I have just bought a garmin 305 and was considering returning it ( its a long story). Am I reading that Garmins and macs dont work that well together generally, or is the problem the RW download? 

  • As I understand it, but others with deeper understanding may want to elaborate, they will work perfectly well as far as downloading your runs and so on. The problem seems to be that the Mac version won't read the *.wkt schedule files (int his case the RW ones, but one imagine it would be the same for all.

    I've now tried the work round of using a friend's joy, as I then ran up against the wrong race date issue.
    And there's no quick way of deleting a whole far  as I can see I have to delete every scheduled run one by one. Grrr

  • Hi

    Any news on getting the date right to the 13 APRIL 2008???


  • Hi,

    I'm suffering from the date problem aswell!

    If i do as my Garmin tells me from the downloaded schedule does this make me a month ahead in my training?!


  • Dan, any luck yet? It's a week into the training and I would really like to get it working on my garmin


  • I had this problem with the dates on the 9th December (see earlier in the thread)  and have found no answer yet.  I have given up and am using the schedules sent weekly to my computer.  As I am new to the Garmin I am not quite certain how to use the information (though useless in its present form) anyway.  Is it worth waiting for??
  • The training paces are specific minute miles.  Is it recommended to set Garmin paces at plus and minus 10% of the paces suggested?  Or should we simply be aiming to adjust speed and get used to running at the specific mm?  Would you use the alarm function to tell you when to speed up slow down?
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