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  • Many thanks Bazzaboy... just getting started with a new Garmin and came across your script - worked a treat!  (grr to the Garmin software folk - why couldn't they just include this import support?)

  • I'm having problems with this, can create the script but not sure what to do from there, where to save it etc.  I get the following message when trying to save it so I don't know if I'm doing it right.  I'm trying to import a 3:30 schedule for the New York marathon on 2nd November, any help would be much appreciated!

    You cannot save this document with extension “.pl” at the end of the name. The required extension is “.scpt”.

  • The way I saved it was using TextEdit:   Copy and paste the script contents into a new document, then use "Format->Make Plain Text".

    Now I was allowed to choose the file extension as pl.  (Select 'Don't append' if it offers to add a .txt extension as well).

    I saved the script in my Documents directory, which was the same place I put the downloaded schedule.  

    If it still doesn't work I can e-mail you the schedule, just PM me an e-mail address.

    Good luck with the training! I'm starting the 3:30 schedule too, for Abingdon in October.

  • Ok, done that, but this is now where I'm stuck, as the file won't import into training centre.

    'then chmod a+x so it can execute then run as rwschedule.wkt > rwschedule.tcx'

  • OK, so you need to open the 'Terminal' application to open a command line.  Then type:

    cd Documents

    chmod a+x rwschedule.wkt > rwschedule.tcx

    Thats three separate commands, each with an enter afterwards.  It assumes that both the rwschedule.wkt and the files are in the Documents directory.  This should create a file called rwschedule.tcx that you can import on the mac.

  • Oh and one other thing.  If the NOTE from the original script message isn't clear:

    When copying the perl script to TextEdit you need to make a correction to the script.  There is a line in the script towards the end that says


    This needs to be edited so that there is a colon and a captial S after the xsi.   (You can't paste the characters in the forum message because they get turned into a worried smiley face!)

  • Ok, I've follwed everything exact but get the following in Terminal.

     -bash: command not found

    Think I'll give up, I've got my schedule on my Mac anyway via a PC but it would have been useful for future reference.

    Nevermind, thanks for your help anyway!

  • Oh well, for anyone else looking I made an error in the third statement above.  It should be:

    cd Documents

    chmod a+x

    ./ rwschedule.wkt > rwschedule.tcx

  • Ok, gave it one last bash and it works!

     Thanks image

  • MoscowFlyer,

    Glad to hear it worked for you, sorry you went though some pain and hassle to get there. I have now uploaded the script to my server. It can be downloaded via ftp






    chmod a+x

  • Ok, my schedule starts in two weeks but I've just realised that none of the slow or steady runs have uploaded to the device.  I've tried again from scratch with the same problem.  Any ideas?
  • If you folks with Macs have problems, then pity us poor folks who use Linux. image

  • Thanks bazzaboy - used your original 10 instructions plus deleted the Activities and Courses sections I seemed to have in my export from Garmin Traiing Center et viola - all set (well in advance image ) with me Edinburgh Marathon 2009 schedule image
  • You're welcome Smout, my next marathon is Edinbugh 2009 so see you on the start line image

    take it easy


  • Can anyone help? I'm getting the error 'The file /Users/matt/Documents/rwschedule.tcx is an invalid Training Center XML file and could not be opened.' when I try to import the tcx file. Thanks.
  • Just a shout out to say a big THANK YOU for doing this.  One wonders why such a simple task could not be sorted out by Garmin or RW.  I followed this thread with the corrections noted and it worked first time.

    Let the FLM09 training begin,


  • Just a shout out to say a big THANK YOU for doing this.  One wonders why such a simple task (relatively) could not be sorted out by Garmin or RW.  I followed this thread with the corrections noted and it worked first time.

    Let the FLM09 training begin,


  • Baz,

    It works! Thanks.
  • I've tried to download the marathon schedule for my garmin and it's not opening it up there still a probem with it or am i doing something wrong?
  • ps i am on windows!
  • Bazzaboy can you help me convert a sub 5 marathon schedule for Loch Ness on the 4 October 2009? I've tried to follow your instructions but I'm a bit lost.
  • When I'm trying to convert the schedule in terminal I'm getting the following error:

    brian-kirkegaards-macbook:brian Brian$ chmod a+x
    brian-kirkegaards-macbook:brian Brian$ ./ rwschedule.wkt>rwschedule.tcx
    ./ line 1: {rtf1ansiansicpg1252cocoartf949cocoasubrtf460: command not found
    ./ line 2: syntax error near unexpected token `}'
    ./ line 2: `{fonttblf0fswissfcharset0 ArialMT;f1fswissfcharset0 Helvetica;}'

    What to do?

    Brian - an almost mac-dummy...
  • Hi guys, I can't even log onto the ftp to get the prog image' />

    Can anyone help?

    Thanks image' />
  • me too image' />
  • DOH I was hoping for a favourable response when I saw someone else has posted, but James it appears you are in the same position as me! image' />
  • Annoying eh. Im using a 405 I have on loan... love it as a piece of kit, love the Garmin Connect site but can't get training centre to work.

    Best Ive done is to upload it at work on a PC, send the schedule back to the 405 ... but then I tried to upload from the 405 to my personal Mac laptop so I have the schedule at home (where I do most of my running) and it won't work.

    How long have Garmin been working on the fix? Two years or so? It's real let down
  • I know its pathetic image' />
  • Just used bazzaboy's original manual editing written instructions to change the wkt file into an xml and worked a treat. Forget the script malarkey just use textedit.

     Create an xml file by exporting any workout from your mac garmin, then open it in textedit.

     Open the runnersworld wkt file also using textedit and copy into the xml file as instructed, and opf course delete the lines as instructed. 

    Save then import back in. i now have the Florence Marathon workouts all loaded. Whew that's the had part done! Now just 4 months of training.

  • I like many others on this forum am a little confused.  I can find my way around my mac but am totally lost as to what I have to do to get a schedule to work on my forerunner 405 using a macbook.  Can anybody give the idiot an Idiot's version step by step...nice and slowly and a definitive version of what I have to do.

    That would be so much appreciated you wouldn't believe

  • I'll second that Phil Smith image' /> We are almost there Green One image' />
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