What's happening to my feet ??

I hope I am not alone here but I seem to be losing my toe nails (very attractive !!) Been running aprox 8 mths doing 20-25 miles a week, I have bought running shoes socks the works but my feet are a mess. Is this just part of the deal or has anyone got any tips ??

Answers on a postcard please ...Raine


  • Ive got 4 or 5 left you are welcome to if they will fit!!!!!!
  • My toenails look disgusting. Looking forward to the Summer, open toed sandals, nail varnish etc etc.....nice

    Are you wearing the right size shoes Lorraine? I got mine from a decent running shop. I think you still get poorly toe nails though, even if the shoes are correct. I know I do.
  • It's pretty certain your shoes are not fitting properly. It's time to change them anyway (400-600 miles) because the cushioning will now be 'dead' and increase injury risk. Go to a decent running shop and get advice. As a guide, you should have an end of finger thickness between the toes and the end of the shoe when both are cold. Your feet expand quite dramatically when running and by as much as 10% during a marathon.
  • I got my shoes from Runners Needs and they fit well. My feet are definitely a mess still though. Although only one black toenail (over 40 miles a week running). Am too looking forward to wearing sandals!

    You should see my boyfriend's toes! I think he has one or two toenails left.
  • Wear the mark of a runner with pride.

    Am often in process of losing/regrowing toenails, usually 2nd toe. Recommend also to ensure socks not pulled on too tight, pull 'em back down to leave 1/2 inch slack at toes
  • Donna.
    Now there's an offer I can refuse.
  • I am a chiropodist for the local health sevice.

    I would recommend you uptake your protien and calcium intake by 10% i.e. red meat etc.

    The best thing is to soak your feet in full fat milk after you run, this will ensure the toenails will absorb the calcium and therefore healthy feet.

    Hope this works for you it does for my clients.
  • Can you drink the milk afterwards or is it only suitable for visitors.
  • I presume that's if it hasn't turned to cheese, otherwise it would depend on whether you were feeding the visitors.
  • Thats ok then!!!!!!!!!
  • Lorraine,

    know how you feel as I'm about to lose my right big toenail for the second time in 12 months (did anyone tell you they take 10 months to grow back?)

    The advice about size of shoe is really important. I'm normally a size 5 - 5.5 but my running shoes are 6.5 (New Balance which seem to come up small).

    This might be really gruesome but you need to have a look at your toenails as soon as you realise there is damage and see if there is a) blood or b) other fluid swelling under them. The best way to avoid losing them is to relieve the pressure under the nail as soon as you realise there is some building up, then tape them down with sports tape. this prevents the nail lifting away from the nail bed as if this happens near the cuticle the nail 'dies' at the root and falls off. Chiropodists might have a fit reading this but it does work.

    Relieving the pressure for me involves a 1mm drill bit and a needle (both sterilised). If you've not thrown up yet and are still interested I can tell you how to do it but it is NOT for the faint-hearted or squeamish. However, guarantees instant pain/swelling relief if you hit the right spot.

    Bear in mind that if you damage your nail bed permanently your nails might not grow back at all!
  • But New Girl on the Blocks - what do you do if you're vegan?
  • good to hear i'm not the only one .i lost the toenail on my 2nd toe(it's longer than the big one)a new nail is growing but it has a strange dent in it ....will it ever be normal again? sigh!
  • Friend regularly lost hers despite good well fitting shoes. Has only stopped since switch to marathon training in Sauconys instead of NBs, in spite of massive mileage increase.
  • Re soaking your feet in milk ..... I've always been of the opinion, that manufacturers put vitimins in shampoo as a sales gimmick and the only benefit you'd get is if you actually drank it (don't follow this advice). Hair and nails are dead cells anyway. I too lose nails regularly but I was told last Saturday at the Paris Marathon Expo, my shoes are one size too small. Im needing new shoes very soon so I'll give it a try.
    I wonder, if I rub Guinness on my chest next time I'm out for a pint will I get drunk quicker?
  • Jim the Plum that did make me laugh out loud.

    I currentlyhave two black tonails- yes my shoes fit and I lace them specially to stop foot slipping to front of shoe. Unfortunately my toes curl under so the nails do suffer and after several times of them falling off they are thickened and quite frankly horrible. No one tells you this will happen when you start running. The other people who suffer are dancers and I have said before that you can buy jelly toes which are caps of bandage with a squashy silicone gel inside which fit over individual toes and really do help prevent blood blisters etc they are made by a company called Bunheads.

    to cheer you up though I did see the three pairs of most ugly feet ever on The Peoples Book of Records a couple of weeks ago and mine came nowhere near being a peoples record.
  • Monique,

    where do you get those Bunhead things from. Am in desperate need due to poorly big toenail on right hand side - not sure whether due to original bruising or over-enthusiastic drilling (see earlier post) but cannot suffer torture any longer and keep up marathon training at the same time.

    Do the REALLY work?

    Helen - you said your friend switched to Saucony. What sort and which NB did she have before as mine are shredding my feet?
  • I've been a beginner for years now and have never had any problems with my toenails. I've worn Saucony shoes (size 8 though my normal size is 6!) since my first waddle, third pair now and wouldn't consider any other brand. Interesting to see the name coming up a couple of times in this thread.
  • I'm so so so relieved to read this thread. I thought it was just me. Have found inspecting black toenail alarmingly intriguing but now my boyfriend wants to pull it off ( never having shown such a foot fetish before I am somewhat alarmed). My shoes fit properly and are comfy but the toenail's a goner.....can you get acrylics for toenails??
  • i have never had black toenails....good fitting shoes and socks however afte the GNR last week i had my first......i popped blood blister and relieved pressure and washed and kept it clean no loss of toe nail and ready to start running again tonight....

    first time i have ran for two+ hours in these shoes and i do beleieve it is shoe dependant.....each time i replace my shoes even though they are ASIC i get blister in differnt place.

    started with 1060 on inside of fott then 2060 was little toes then 2070 is middle toes

    this i believe is how the different shoes flex with the plastic on the upper........

    find a pattern your happy with an stick to it.........
  • I've been running years and have never had the problems described, you people must have some weird foot disease or just weird feet ;¬)
  • OH MY GOD!! i feel so sick after reading this thread, especially the drilling part!! My 2nd toes have gone slightly bruised on the nail after doing the GNR but luckily nothing as bad that it requires drilling! I wear Saucony Grid Trigon, a size bigger than my usual shoe size, and they've always been great. I think if my nail ever fals off I'll be sick! Euughhhh
  • Hurrah - I'm not alone!
  • I've just lost my right big toenail and my left one is currently trying to grow back but VERY slowly. My boyfriend says I have the mankiest feet he's ever seen. I'm not happy! I've never heard of Saucony but will be doing appropriate research in desperate attempt to save my relationship (and feet!)
  • You can get fake toenails from Claire's accesories (my friend lost hers just before her wedding, hence how Iknow this weird fact)
  • I'm also very relieved that its such a common problem! I've lost three nails so far and thought I was a freak!! I've tried new trainers a size bigger, that just resulted in blisters. Now I'm on to another pair which I bought after a long consultation with an expert. Still having the same problem though. I'm looking out for the bunheads, until then will just put up with the pain!!
  • This is more of a common problem than I thought. It doesn't affect me but my Sister-in-l suffers badly from black toe nails when skiing. She's tried alsorts but not the milk thing. I'll mention it to her and WILL remember not to accept a milky drink next time I'm over there.
  • I read recently that you should tryon running shoes in a range of sizes, stop when you get to a pair that feels too big, then buy the one the next half size down. I'm running in shoes two sizes bigger than my usual shoe size and have a full set of nails. The second toe on each foot tends to get sore every now and again, and it's when I've put my socks on in a rush or sometimes when I do a longer run and get tired and start to tense up.
  • I am cured (of black toe nails). I used to get them from long runs (half marathons). I went to a specialist running shop (The Derby Runner) and they were excellent. After assessing the wear on my old running shoes, they recommended a specific make of shoe for my feet and a shoe size slightly larger than my old shoes. This was two year's ago and I've been fine since. My advice is go to a good running shop.
  • For those people looking for Jelly toes - suppliers are listed on this site.


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