Great South Run Plodders Unite!

I am doing my first GSR on Sunday and could do with some company at the back of the field.
I am setting my targets high and going for 2 hours.


  • Good luck Saz. We're all winners, just reaching the finish. I'm sure you won't be alone.
  • My experience of races Saz is that if you want to talk to people, then they will quite often talk back. Especially those doing their first race. Enjoy the sea air and the views and dont worry about times and the rest of the field. See you in the pub afterwards.

  • Thanks Blue Knees. Will try to draw inspiration from the view but as I run up and down the next seafront up the coast the Isle of Wight looks much the same from this angle!
    Any tips for pre-race breakfast?
  • Hi Saz - how did you do? I'm still post race( no way it could be considered a race the way I ran/walked/limped)recovery - but I'll be back next year (i hope)
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