Races leading up to FLM

I've been thinking of incorporating a few races during training for the FLM. At the moment I've been leaning towards:

Canterbury 10 mile (January)

Ashford and District 10k (possibly) (February)

Hastings Half (March)

Obviously it would make more sense to run a 10k in Jan and a 10miler in Feb, but I couldn't find a 10k in the second half of Jan in my area. I've never taken part in a race before so my question is, is this a good itinerary that will complement my training? Should I be racing more or less leading up to the marathon? Thanks for any help.


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    Only done Hastings Half Marathon, it is very hilly and my slowest half marathon but lots of slower runners.

    Paddock Wood half marathon is a nice flat marathon on the 30th March. I got a pb there in 2006 and not beat it since.

  • If you can it's quite a good idea to try and do a 20mile race in training (mainly so that you get one of those long training runs in a less-boring environment!!).

    I did the Thanet 20 which is in early March and can highly recommend it.

    My races in the run up to FLM were a 10k in early Jan, a half in early Feb and the 20miler in March. Many of these were first time distances for me as I'd only done a few 10ks and a 10miler pre-Dec '06, with FLM being my first marathon.

  • Since you're Kent based think about the Sidcup 10 mile on 10th Feb albeit in the London part of the county.


  • i wouldnt bother with the ten k - you really want to try the half distance a couple of times rather than do the short stuff. Remember that the marathon is over four times as long as the ten k. i would do two half marathons and remember to plan in your long runs - you need to get at least three twenty miles in - preferably more. Racing too much will use up your time - you need to rest up and recover remember.
  • Thanks for your replies - that was very helpful! I'll probably enter two 10 mile races, followed by a half and a 20. Hopefully that will be enough but not too much. Thanks again!

  • I did the Silverstone half this year. Apart from having all 4 seasons in the space of 2 hours it was a good indicator of pace.
  • Hastings is a very good FLM build up because of the hills,
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