Anyone ordered stuff from natterjack?  If so, were they good as far as delivery was concerned?


  • Yep - I asked for next day delivery and the goods arrived early the next morning.
  • Brilliant delivery I ordered 5pm sunday, were on my desk when I got to work on the Tuesday morning....
  • I ordered trainers last Saturday, just on normal delivery, and they were despatched Monday and arrived today (Wednesday). I'm not sure they could have done any better. Top marks from me image

  • Ordered some trial shoes from Natterjack a few months ago, was happy with both the service and the price.
  • Just got a mizunp top from them took two days. sorted. to longer to get it from the sorting office!!!!
  •  Ordered several times from them over the years though not in the past several months. Couldn't fault them.

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