A week on sunday...

It sounds awfully close now doesn't it.


  • It does Roger - getting scarey!

    I remember the night before on the forums last year, it was absolutely frantic!!
  • Eeeeek! I don't wanna do this! I've suddenly remembered EXACTLY how bad it felt for the last eight miles last year, and this year I don't have any excuses for NOT turning in a respectable performance. Help!

    >>>Dinosaur retreats to corner and undergoes rapid metamorphosis into quivering heap of pink blancmange<<<
  • Ah but a week on Monday we'll all be laughing about it, and how good it was.

    Just got butterflies in my tum reading this thread ! Cheers Roger ! ;-)
  • A week on Monday I'll be having trouble walking!

    But I'll still have a big grin on my face :)

  • I'm quite looking forward to the frantic forums the night before actually.
  • I can barely think of anything else.
    Very exciting and scary.
  • who has computer access the night before or has the drinkies(Mineral Water) been moved to Easy Everything in TCR?

  • You mean you DON'T bring your lap-top to races ?

    Seriously, many of us are Londoners who DAREN'T go near any alcoholic establishments the night before so we'll be home getting frantic there.
  • I'm with V-rap on this one, but I am a yellow blancmange-
  • Not really a blancmange man myself,I go more Apple crumbly.
  • CALM!!!!!!!!!!!!DEEP BREATHS.........POSITIVE THOUGHTS.....
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