Brighton Marathon 2010

Apparently, I have just seen this while googling for Brighton 10k results.  The first Brighton Marathon marathon is going to take place on April 19th 2009.  That should make up for a lot of disapointed people not getting into London and great place for a marathon as well!

Check out the link and register for yourself!




    Good news, have registered my interest too.   Does anyone know anything about the organisers?

  • Is it preetty hilly round there being on the Sussex Downs?

    I don't know the area

  • Not hilly at all pretty flat in most areas.  
  • Depends where you want to run JB .The sea front  area is flat.The downs and area to east is fairly undulating /hilly. 
  • Hi, I have done a bit of digging and found out that it something to do with ex athlete Tim Hutchings who works at London Marathon and Active Europe I believe? 


    charliecub - thanks for that info, it sounds like he should know what he's doing.

    Hippo - it didn't take you long to find this thread!

  • Have also registered ...... so when does the training start???????
  • Oh yes,another quality marathon planned.image
  • I will apply for London 2009 but if I get it will defer in favour of this

    The Brighton half is quality and a marathon there would be awesome !!!! 

  • Anyone got a 73-week marathon training schedule?
  • Sounds good to me another trip down from the midlands to the South coast.
  • 3:30 or bust. Do you not think that is a little unfair taking a place of someone who wants to do the FLM. You are only supposed to defer a place if you are injured not just because you fancy doing another race.

  • but that's the way the FLM is davidt - get your place guaranteed and then see how things pan out - the FLM have made the rod for their own back I'm afraid by making entry difficult. anyway - that's off topic....

    interesting development - have expressed an interest - be interesting to see what course they plan....
  • YES! I live in Brighton! image
  • I think this is going to be a very popular event for those that don't get into FLM as it is around the same time. I have done the half marathon there and its a great event and again very popular.

  • Lets make Brighton the new London!  More chance of getting in, not as much queing and hassle!

  • I can't stop thinking about Ditchling Beacon though........................ They wouldn't... would they?!?!?!?!?


    They used to for L2B!
  • I wonder what the route might be? Be great if they took in ths Sussex downs. This has great potential if they get the course right.
  • Ditchling beacon. Arf... that would be funny!
  • no it bliddy well wouldnt!


  • I think I'd walk that bit.....

    OR maybe they could start it at the top, and all we'd have to do is run down? Not so great for the knees, but less effort!!!

  • Sussex is a lovely part of the world to run in (despite the hills) - have enjoyed the off- road events in this area (Three Forts, Rottingdean and Jog Shop Jog - planning to run Steyning Stinger in 2008) - shall await further news of this event with interest. 

    I ran up Ditchling Beacon in 2003 towards the end of London to Brighton (was determined to run every step of the way) - my quads felt as if they'd caught fire when I got to the top (muscle fibres visibly twitching and going into spasm) - had to splash cold water over them to get them to cool down.

  • Has there been any confirmation of this yet? They were supposed to be getting an answer from Brighton council any time now.
  • Well I've registered my interest, would welcome a race and a trip down to Brighton, would be fun.
  • Fingers crossed it happens. Love doing the Brighton half, my mouth is watering at the prospect of what the course would be for the full.
  • Anyone live local who can shed any more light on whether this is a goer?
  • Brighton Marathon - not sure if it's been confirmed, but they should know by now - I'd sign up for updates on the website.
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