Running whilst taking beta-blockers



  • Yes it is far easier to pop the pills, than to eat a sensible diet and maybe take some fresh air and a walk every day, I could quite happily slap my sisters-in-law with a wet fish at their lazy attitude and sheer stupidity, specially when they have seen my husband do it with just a little effort. And your comment about practice nurses, one said it was ok to have OXO drinks as BP was down, aren't they loaded with salt?

    I read the posting yesterday from Robokidney, what a star, as are the rest who are trying their best to get of the pills.
  • Sorry to be quiet - just spent the last 48 in Kettering General (abdominal adhesions).

    Benz - no I can't do CAPD. 20 odd years ago I had a laparotomy to sort out a twisted intestine which left my peritoneal membrane in a bit of a mess (my insides don't love me anymore, they are always trying to finish me off). Your dialysis nurses might be nice to your face but do you know what they say behind your back? most nurses I have met are pretty withering about docs.

    v-rap - I really want to do this pre-transplant, I know a number of people who have been waiting over 10 years for a graft. transplants are down 15% already this year (bloody speed cameras), if you wait for a transplant then you may well wait for a long time. Besides, keeping fit means that my immune system is very good - that is a bad thing for transplants (immunosuppressant drugs (cyclosporin etc) are toxic to kidneys - that is why all transplants fail sooner or later). When they call you in for a possible transplant, they have you 2 or 3 at a time and cross-match your cells with the donors, the people whose immune system kicks in first are sent home - it's a cruel but necessary twist.

    web site still not working - they are moving it to a new server.
    must go to bed - two nights in hospital leave me knackered
  • hey Robo, good to hear fromyou!
    My dialysis nurse colleagues are rude to my face, and Im right rude back
    Hope youre feeling better soon and running again
  • Glad you're back, RoboKidney!
  • Three years ago I was over weight and unfit. I joined a gym where the initial assessment showed that I had high BP. I saw my GP, who put me on a low fat diet and encouraged me to continue with the gym. I lost 3 stone but my BP was still high. I was referred to a consultant who wired me up and took loads of measurements whilst I walked/jogged on a traedmill. I was then proscribed 50mg Atenolol. Gradually my BP came down.

    I take my tablet after breakfast each morning but do not exercise until evening or late afternoon on a weekend. I have not noticed any difference and don't intend to experiment!! I alternate each evening between gym work and running (max 6 miles).

    I'm lucky I have a brilliant GP, he tried everything before putting me on tablets and encourages me to keep exercising. He is also a member of the same gym as me where we occasionally work-out together.

  • I've read thru this thread with great interest. I've been a fairly serious competitive runner for about 20 years, am not overweight and have a good diet. About 5 yrs ago, following a medical check, my BP was found to be high. After several sessions wearing a 24 hr BP monitor (which in itself is enough to send the BP high!) I was diagnosed with Hypertension and prescribed a cocktail of pills, including a BetaBlocker. To cut a long story short, I am still taking them, and my BP is now in the normal range and under control. My GP, although a great Doctor, doesn't really understand my passion for running and the effect these pills may be having on me. But they seem to have dramatically affected my performances (running that is!). Up to now I've accepted it, and thought that maybe it was the aging effect or lack of training, but having read your thoughts I'm now back to blaming the pills!
    Before I started the medication, I used to get my HR up to 160+ , but now struggle to reach 130. I also seem to tire very quickly on hills, mud and tough conditions generally.
    I take the pills first thing in the morning immediately before breakfast. At weekends I often run before breakfast (before the pills) but weekdays I run in the evening (10 hrs after the pills). I cannot see any pattern as to when I feel good or bad.
    But thanks for the list of alternatives to Beta Blockers. Next time I visit my GP I'll discuss them with him.
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