Clipless pedals. Is there a knack?



  • Cheers flyaway. I have to admit I'm not as good on the bike as I'd like to be.
  • I've trained myself to automatically unclip buy not necessarily release my foot as I approach something I may need to stop for.  You are most at danger of injury a) at slow speeds and b) infront of people you know on bikes.
  • buy = but

     I've never messed about with the tension on the release mechanism. 

  • after a while it becomes 2nd nature to unclip when you come to a potential hazard just in case something goes wrong......

    one of the best ways to learn to ride clipped in is to MTB on technical downhills where you have to control your fear to stay clipped in - being clipped out can mean your foot slipping off which can create havoc, so you soon learn to clip out very very quickly!! road riding clipped in after that is a piece of pish..........
  • Forget practicing on a quiet road, do it stationary against a wall.  If you can, then bring the bike into the house, and sit in the lounge and spend half an hour whislt watching tv, just clipping in and out.  This will also get you into the habit of doing it whilst only half concentrating on it. 

    As mentioned, then everyone falls off at least once when learning, even ponces.  It's jsut like learning to ride a bike as a kid, or walking.  You fall over, look a berk, then get back up and try again. 

  • sometimes that while  can be a long time        image
  • D74's wall is a good call, also a flat and dispensable piece of lawn is good ,

    I use speedplays (like small lollipops) and personally I think they are way easier to get in and out of and have more "float" to protect your knees.

    Plus they look cooler than looks or Shimano's and mean the bike fits into tighter spaces!
  • D74 - Your approach is my kind of thing. I better get practising then. I've put my flats on for the time being.

    Eccentric - It sounds like speedplays might be worth a look. 

    FB -  Your method sounds effective, but for braver men than me.

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