The OareDeal 10

Does anyone know if we pick up numbers on the day for this? Looking forward to it, i've done the rough and tumble and its same country as that so should be a "good" one. image


  • hi

    i've just emailed to find out. i'm guessing the answer is going to be yes. i'll let you know when they reply.

    looking forward to it. should be good (despite oare hill - or for some because of!). let's hope the weather is better than this sunday! 

  • hi kevin

    they just got back and it's pick up your number from the village hall after 9. although they also sent a map so maybe they emailed everyone in which case you'll have got one too image

    good luck on sunday! 

  • see you there duck image
  • ok, kevin, did you go the wrong way too?!

    my garmin made the 'revised' course 10.89miles.

    did it in 2h15ish which i'm happy with. do they post the official times do you know?

    how did you get on?

    did you hear that the marshall that sent us the wrong way was the organisers brother - whoops!!

    never mind, it was a beautiful day and a great course with some fantastic views so despite feeling knackered the whole way round i still enjoyed myself. and it was a great turn out.

    hope you enjoyed it too. 

  • I don't think I went the wrong way, but I did have to guess which way when we reached the tarmac. As I could not see anyone infront...

    Does anyone know where the results will be published?

  • I think you did go the wrong way, you shouldn't have had to run along the road at all, there was a clear arrow pointing to the left about a mile before the road, which everyone including myself ignored and just carried straight on. Otherwise I had no problem with the route or organisation, unlike some people. Thanks Sam for keepiong me company for the last few miles.
  • Thanks Bogman, I thought it was a long way along a nasty road when there was so much countryside around image
  • Having run almost the correct route (I think!) although I ran the road too I reckon it was about 11 miles. A great day out, course and company. A few more direction signs and marshalls will hopefully avoid any confusion over the correct route next year. On the assumption that there are more entrants in the future a bigger car park will be required as I had to park on the road. I found it harder than the Sodbury Slog but enjoyed it. Congratulations to the organisers for putting on the race for the first time and hopefully it will grow in popularity for next year and beyond.
  • Hi enjoyed the run. And as with most people just followed the runners in front and ended up running on the road for about a mile. I guess next year they will put a marshal in that location to avoid the mishap. Got round in 1.30 ish but can't find any results yet.

    Congratulations to the organisers , much more spectacular scenery than the Avebury8 will try to do it again next year. 

  • where are you looking for the results? i don't know where they will be as there is no website (i'm a race novice!)
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