SLH Pirie 10 Mile XC Race

I eliminated myself last year after ending the first lap about a mile behind the penultimate runner.

 Now I see there's a cutoff imposed if you don't do the first lap in 45 mins.

Oh well, I'd rather be at Twickenham for the Boks v the Baa Baas anyway. 


  • Well, it's a nice day, so I'll give it a go.

    Evens I beat the cut-off - see you in the bar afterwards, that is, if anyone else is doing it! 

  • I really enjoyed the race!  Real classic cross country low key race and the tea and cakes afterwards in the clubhouse were very much appreciated!  (and the bar of course image)

    10 out of 10 to South London Harriers image  I'll be back! 

  • Great race, great mud!! i really enjoyed this! My ankles are suffering abit now though image
  • My ankles were blitzed to smithereens by those cambers and I'm feeling wrecked, even now.

     Great race though, and I managed to beat the cut-off!

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