Well chuffed

Just done a 25 minute speed session on the eliptical trainer to build up a sweat and warm up the leggies and then went for a shorter faster run, 1.5 miles, with the last mile 7min50, which compared to my pitiful perfromances of recent post injury weeks represents great improvement. If I can get to 7min30 and still build up the stamina with the swimming and cycling with the odd longer run I will be well chuffed.


  • Nice one, it must feel realy good after your long lay-off. You'll have to come up the M4 sometime or get us all up your way so we can meet up
  • 7:50?!? Felicitations! What zactly were you running before? Can I take it that most bits are back in working order then? You pranged your back about the time I logged on to the forums. Not actually all that long ago, as the crow flies. Bravo.
  • Stickless can I do you a picture in return for your earlier kind words?
  • BK - been toying with the idea of a picture, but haven't quite come up with anything either actual or representational that seems appropriate.

    If I can come up with something, what do you need? A jpg file?

  • Hi Marj,

    a BMP or JPG is fine. I'll mail you so when you've got one you can send it to me for resizing
  • Bk... Working like a man possessed!

    Barkles... Nice one! So... How are the Creations then? Fill us in on your rather peculiar love story!
  • Makes me feel useful youngster. How's the running going, did you get beyond 3?
  • See fish thread... If you're still around before lunchtime!
  • Well done Barkles!!

    Another step on the road to recovery. 7.50 is pretty good too.

    All the best,

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