Stockholm Marathon 2008

Hi folks, 

Anyone entered Stockholm Martathon 2008?

Anyone done it before?

If so, what did you think?



  • Done it twice - excellent race well organised but be warned it can be rather warm, one year it was 25c at start. It's a two lap race although there is a slightly different route taken at start of each lap. However Stockholm is a lovely city and well worth the visit - go for it.
  • Hi!

    I did this last year and it was really hot - about 30c. Very well organised though - lots of drinks stations and showers. Beware they use Maxim at their drinks stations so it is probably worth training with that brand.

    There are two laps - the second slightly longer than the first. Each lap has the same gradual hill (a bridge), which you need to be prepared for but it is not too steep.

    Overall, it was a great experience - beautiful scenery, great crowds and a splendid finish in the 1928 Olympics stadium.  I hope you enjoy it.

  • Thanks Steve and Jeske

    I had heard it can be a bit warm, but as long as there are plenty of drinks and showers I guess it should be ok

    I'm looking forward to it already


  • Sorry to be ignorant but what date is it? 
  • Hi Edski,

    Its on Saturday 31st May.  The event website is here: Stockholm Marathon


  • Dang.  It's in half termimage 
  • i did it this year for my 40th birthday,34 degrees and a 2.30 pm start.I was in survival mode after 6 miles,the heat was just so intense,if the weather was ok it would be a fabulous race.Although i really struggled with the conditions,i have no regrets and had a memorable weekend in a beautiful city
  • I also did this in 2007. It was 30degrees which made it quite difficult but the organisers had everything under control with showers every mile or so and plenty of water stations etc. Would definitely recommend this to anyone. Only downside is the 2.30pm start. Great finish in Olympic Stadium and Stockholm is a fantastic city to visit. Go for it!!
  • Thanks Jakesy and Maire.

    I think it should be fun (well, as fun as running 26.2 miles can be).

  • Just don't set a target time if weather is hot. I was hoping to beat my previous best of 4.41 but ended up with a 5.31!! Still I have a lovely medal and t shirt for mmy troubles!!
  • We have a bit of a club outing to Stockholm booked.  6 runners and 2 supporters and plan to make a long weekend out of it. Theory is to do some sightseeing afterwards if we can still walk.....
  • we are in and starting our training today. Love Stockholm so looking forward to it but not sure about the late start.
  • Hope the training goes well Brent. I'm well into marathon training but for London which I'm doing as well as Stockholm (didnt expect to get in through FLM ballot twice in 2 yrs).

    Our Club group size has now grown to 9 runners and 5 supporters so should be a good weekend. Even ordered some event t-shirts to try and look the part.

  • Hi Owen

    thanks for the 2 marathons in a row ! I ran London 2 years ago, loved it was a great run but promised myself at mile 23 it was the last marathon, oh well so much for promises. Sounds like you have a good group together for Stockholm. We are also making the weekend out of it, arriving Thursday night and leaving Monday.  

  • You will have a great weekend in Stockholm. Good luck in London too. I did it in 2004 when it poured all the way through, complete opposite to Stockholm 07! I'm turning 50 ( I'll never get sense!) this year so for my marathon, I've signed up for the Niagara Falls Marathon in October. You run from Buffalo, NY to Niagara crossing the border into Canada. Has anyone on this forum tried that one? Would love to hear from you!
  • StrayceltStraycelt ✭✭✭
    Hi guys. Am also doing Stockholm with a buddy. We are trying to complete the world's top ten(as previously published in RW) by next year and apparently this is number 1. Just back from Boston (Tough but fantastic) and ready to start training again this weekend. This will be number 8 with Washington Marine Corps and Honolulu to follow(FLM/Berlin/NY/Chicago/Rotterdam/Amsterdam/Boston done over last 2-3 years)
  • StrayceltStraycelt ✭✭✭
    17 days to go and guess who's torn a quad. Did last Friday but hope heals enough just to get round. Be going to support mate anyway but a 30th anniversary and t-shirt are incentives to try and do it.image
  • Hi everyone- best of luck this coming Saturday. Weather is supposed to be 17C and sunny,  lets hope it does not get any warmer.
  • Forecast I've seen is 23C and cloudy. Seems to change daily though so hoping it will drop a bit (quite a bit really).

    Looking forward to the weekend anyway. Whole of our Team Southampton group (10 runners and 4 supporters) are taking a 'lets enjoy the day' rather than run to set a pb attitude. Beware big groups in red t-shirts, its probably us...

    Best of luck to all those running / going out there.

  • hope eveyone enjoyed and did well. It was warm ! Glad they had all the shower stations otherwise we would have melted. All in all thought it was ok, we were pleased with out time considering the heat and the fact we started at the back. I was never able to set my pace as we always had to dodge slower runners.
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