ok who was it?

Own up please, i feel terribly rude

Who was the "undercover" pirate who I met in the middle of the fire drill last week who is doing IMF next year?

I didn't quite catch your forum name and i have a goldfish memory these days... you know oxy. Who were you? 


  • Holly??


  • someone admitted to knowing Oxy??

  • it was me! I do try not to admit to knowing Oxy as a rule but you obviouly already thought I was weird so there was no going back.image. Nice to meet you anyway.
  • and my guess was going to be Sweetie,  he didnt say it was a girlie!

    hows life??
  • i'm still in denial and he feels like family image - an odd cousin maybe

    I must admit in the middle of a fire drill at work when someone says hello asks if you're godzilla in from of your team administrator, i did do a mental check for lycra... 

    Nice to meet you VixLm. Still doing IMF - i was going to duck out for certain but then something odd happened yesterday... I ran a bit.

  • was that my lycra or yours? 

    glad to hear you are still doing it. I'm just about to go out for a lunchtime run, that will be my fourth this year. You could join me some time if you weren't going and quitting this place.

    Pretty good thank you Melds 

  • get training Zilla you big Girls blouse!

  • enjoy your run

    what pace are you V? 

    perhaps you can "look after" a guy in my team occasionally he's running 2 runs a week - between 3&4 miles at 8 ish pace but he needs new routes etc.

  • was a good run thanks. I normally run at 8-9 and I'd be happy for some company.
  • ok e-mail me your proper name and we can set up a time  - you can take me and my mate out for a gentle 3 miles in a couple of weeks maybe (i need breaking in a bit first).
  • thats "chemise" to you g-sport image
  • thats "chemise" to you g-sport image
  • you've got mail Zilla

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