staying warm on a winter bike ride..

I went for a bike ride this afternoon.  Apart from the fact that I was truly sh*te..  indeed hardcore sh*te, I was absolutely frozen.. I had four layers on top, my fleecy winter running leggings and a double lined sock.  The only warm part was my hands as I was wearing ski gloves...!  My neck and shoulders particularly suffered from the cold and the tips of my ears are still frozen...

What do you wear to keep warm...?



  • Helly Hansen?  Maybe try the pro-wool line.  You'll get them from most outdoors stores.  I would have thought you'd be too hot in one of them, but if you were cold wearing 4 layers, maybe not.
  • you can wear a motorcycle balaclava for head and neck, then beyond that lots of layers. neoprene overshoes over your, err, shoes.
  • what were your layers? i used to get away with say a tri suit lower, tights and a looser tchnical top, then a winter fleece lined cycling jacket and above that a dayglo waterproof thing. make sure there's an air gap between each layer - if they are tight it defeats the object. and make sure you have zips to open!
  • I start with a wicking base layer.  Then add some winter long cycling bibs that also give warmth to my body.  Socks I wear some 1000 mile running socks with sealskins ove the top.  Then add a Lewiskit technical top and a Berghaus waterproof and I'm almost there.  Extremities get some Marmotte windproof gloves and the head gets a Nike dri-fit skull cap to cover my ears.

  • Top tip from me.....I find my forearms get bl00dy freezing while out on a winter cycle. Which in turn makes my hands not work.

    You can buy sleeve things.....for about a tenner.

    Instead get an old pair of socks, cut a hole in the toe area...and hey presto, some arm warmers!

  • I guess London hasn't got as cold as where you are. A helly base layer, a long-sleeve cycling jersey and full-length cycling tights are enough for me.
  • Instead get an old pair of socks, cut a hole in the toe area...and hey presto, some arm warmers!

    Do you not have any style nick?image

  • TT - theyre ARM WARMERS......image
  • ...actually..if you had some old funky stripey socks or something....!
  • The long sleeved Under Armour cold weather top makes a great base layer when its properly cold as its very warm, much moreso than any Hellys I've tried, so that would be a good start.
  • Get a turbo and stop moaning.
  • Some good tips there..   thanks.

  • I was out there for nearly 4 hours today - not counting the hour tea stop, and apart from my feet getting cold, I was fine.  I was wearing a trade team thermal cap under my cycling helmet.  Then baselayer, fleece, with a trade jersey on top.  Leggings, and shorts.  Woolly gloves with normal trade mitts on top of them.  The only bit of me that got cold were my feet because my Sidi overshoes do not fit over my new Specialized shoes.  I need to get some new overshoes (or cut a hole in a thick pair of socks for where my cleats would stick out of - although that would probably make me look even more 80s retro cyclist than I already do!!).
  • Hmm..  maybe its just me then..  or maybe its because I am hardcore sh*te on the bike..

  • perhaps you are not working hard enough             image
  • DV it reallly isn't just you, so don't worry. Several of the ... er ... less 'hardcare sh*te on the bike' pirates suffer in much the same way. In fact, maybe all of them, but a few are more honest. ; o )
  • hardcare.

    hmmm. I think I might have invented a new word. image

  • I'm 'ard, I am. But I care.
  • I invented one yesterday as well 'Piratea'

    I have yet to think of an explanation
  • Just pedal harder........

    ...................its a bugger when the swerat freezes though but death follows quite quickly so it doesnt hurt for long

  • You could always cycle downwind to reduce wind-chill then get a mate to pick you up you've had enough! image joking apart, I'm with smithy, get a turbo!
  • I have a spin bike, but not a turbo. 

    It was 4 degrees outside and heading downwards.. predicted -3 tonight..   good point about the wind chill..  there was definitely some of that..

  • PSC - Yeah, I could just imagine Mrs Bump agreeing to that! (The cycling downwind and then being driven back when I'd had enough!)
  • Just stick some warmer kit on or more layers of normal kit - you can go out in all weather right down to sub zero - it's not even properly cold yet, though tonight might be a bit nippy.     Winter cycling can be the best - up in the hills if there is snow stacked up by the sides of the road but enough clear down the middle for cycling.    2 pairs of overshoes, some Pearl Izumi Lobster gloves or similar, wool hat, base layer, long sleeved cycling top and a proper winter cycling top and you can go out in anything we ever get in this country. 

  • ....... but I fall off popsy and with all those clothes on I am like a sheep stuck on my back with my legs wiggling in the air......
  • LOL at Plummie!!
  • I only ever wear one layer. Windstopper stuff is enough for me - Gore N2S top + tights, neoprene overshoes, Windstopper gloves, Buff rolled over the ears. The most versatile bit of kit I have is a Gore Running N2S top - long arms and tail cut back, cut really tight so can do for bike or run (or both like today's brick sesh).  Never get cold, even 30+mph downhills with a bit of a sweat on in the frost this morning. I can't recommend the stuff highly enough.

  • agree with bendy - any windstopper material (doesn't have to be Gore) will help keep the worst of the wind off the body so you inner layers stay warm. I tend only to wear a base layer, windproof jacket and maybe a windproof gilet if it's very cold up top; windstopper tights and normal socks with overshoes as well

    but then I do have a good layer of fat to help as well
  • I just looked up the Gore N2S..   looks like an impressive bit of kit.. I don't have anything like that.. will go and get it....  thanks for the top tip! 
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