Saturday 24 November

You shone like the sun

WHERE is the saturday thread????


  • UP, UP, UP out of those pits! <scoobs looks round, pulls peeps out of duvets>

     Ok I guess you all could be training?

    Or maybe xmas shopping? Dare I say it!

    Tigger - I would def keep on with that run. It's only one tinsy little bit. And well, who on earth has clean road shoes anyway? :0) Mine are always seriously smelly and seriously filthy! Straight through it Tigger that's the way to go.

    Kenobi - fab run you had there, just the ticket. But are you still in the doghouse? Or have you been allowed out yet?

    Well tigger, the cranberry was seriously lacking and the turkey was cold. I simply could not stand it any longer. So I wrapped up im my long tights, 2 base layers, my cycling jacket, a buff and gloves, called the woofie and headed off to the woods.

    I only did 3 1/2 very very slow miles, but it was so lovely to be back out again.

    However, pain in lower back still there, quad pain has gone when walking but reared its ugly head even at a slow off road jog!

    Not sure whether the lower back is causing probs with the quad or the quad is causing probs with the hip and lower back. So will see what evil massage lady has to say. She almost seemed gleeful when I mentioned cross friction massage <wibble>

    Anyway I have got over my down patch. I'm back fighting again. So the plan is to get back to that gym and start up all my core exercises again. As I lack time and could run outside so wonderfully again I had not been going to the gym, so no stomach crunchies were occurring, no adductor, abductor strengthening was happening and no back strenghtening either. So it's back to the heat and back to the mat. I will get back of that I have no doubt. All it takes is a bit of patience (I'm getting better at that) and a bit of time.

    I have now exhasusted all of the households decent food supply anyway. It has simply ran out and is sitting inside my stomach. I have even devoured all of the xmas biscuits and choccy this week whilst wallowing in misery! I'm not buying anymore - it's too dangerous!

    Have a fab running day all.

  • Morning Scooby !

    Just been training, a wee 30mins.

    The lyrics are relevant , as I've been recently 'revisiting' my old training diaries.

    I was much much fitter and weighed alot less about 20 years ago !!

    Have a good one peeps, think it might be Christmas shopping this a'noon...

  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    Hiya and yes it is a bit quiet in here!

    Up and out by 6:45am and a little fresh but nothing a pair of gloves and a wooly hat can't remedy! Did just over 2hrs with a pal of mine, not measured the distance but I'm guessing around 15miles - easy conversational pace! Absolutely beautiful watching the sun rise through the cloudy haze across the fields. Delightful.

    Lyrics - nope, yesterdays obviously Girls Aloud...

    Great weekends all

  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭
    What: easy 20 mins
    Why: Gosport half tomorrow
    Last hard: Tuesday
    Last rest: 15 days ish
    Lyrics: maybe for a change
  • Morning all! What a lovely crisp morning it is here in Lovely Cornwall (tm) *smile*  The house is so cold you can see your breath- I think we need to do something about the front door and the gaping cracks... Still, I'm feeling less cold than yesterday, when that phenomenon was not to be observed.

    What: 3mi easy
    Why:  feels like 5 with the hills

    It was a nice run, as always with a firm uphill section in the early phase, but what would you expect if you live at the bottom of the hill. I said hello to pretty much everyone I came across, and got a remarkable amount of hellos and smiles back!  It's nice to be nice *polishes halo*

    TmR: I'd follow your option: I don't mind a bit of mud on my shoes, but too much slows you down with the extra weight. 

  • Afternoon,

    Just back from 13 chilly miles around north Wiltshire.  Don't think the top half of me warmed up at all, despte wearing 2 layers and a pair of gloves!  Still, it was a very enjoyable run - took it easy and felt good all the way.  I'm rubbish at pacing runs - I've read all the advice that says that someone with a half-marathon time like mine should do longer training runs at about 9.00-9.10 pace, but something inside me starts to panic when my average pace goes over 9.00 on a run.  Not sure why.  Today I tried really hard to run at a sensible speed.  And I did OK - average pace was 8:49.  Started slowly and quickest mile by far was the last one - all the others were pretty even paced.

    Have a good rest of weekend.

  • Oh - lyrics - yes, yes, yes!  Love this.  Saw the bass player from the band play it live at Earl's Court earlier in the year with images of the person the song is about on the big screen behind him.  Hardly a dry eye in the place at the end, especially as it was only last year he died.
  • morning

    hope you can get it sorted somehow Scooby

    last night's outing: 5.8 miles in 37:54, mean HR 162
    Wanted a run of moderate intensity - targetting sub 38:00 for this course on a flat calm evening should have required precisely that degree of effort - not what was actually needed in the end -  eyeballs-out from about halfway onwards. Not happy at this.

    So, like Birkmyre, the lyrics do seem relevant to me also (as well as easy to get for once). 3 years ago, this sort of trip would have been SO straightforward.

    Off to look at the weight loss thread now.....and to think about what I'm going to do this evening. 

  • Morning,

    Scooby! Step away from the chocolate! Back away, slowly slowly... I'm sorry your back is still bothering you - core etc sounds like a good way to go.

    What: 60 mins spin on the bike, probably turbo since it will be evening by the time I get to do it and very dark by then.
    Why: recovery
    Last hard: 3 Nov
    Last rest: yesterday

    Good runnings all.

  • A'noon peeps.

    Managed to avoid Christmas shopping this a'noon. Ya Beauty !

    (Actually I have to wait in for younger son returning from my brother in laws !)

    So having a nosey back on here Am just reading some articles re weight v performance, so I can avoid lots of chocy biscuits this a'noon. Hint, Hint Scooby...

    Have a good one peeps.

  • Sorry peeps, me again.

    Is 9:41am a record for the latest starting of a daily thread ?

    Just wondering, right bye again.

  • Afternoon all,

    Lyrics - talking my language now.

    • What:  6m easy
    • Why:  Downton HM tomorrow.  All the talented runners should be a Gosport.
    • Last Hard:  Thursday
    • Last Rest:  24 days

    Have a good weekend.

  • Afternoon

    What: Nowt
    Why: Night on the tiles last night the first of many Xmas events!
    Last Hard: yesterday
    Last Rest: today/7days

    Gobi: Yep i'll be at Comrades, mainly because they wouldn't refund my air ticket from last year only re-issue it.

    Scooby: Not so many marathons / ultras this year mainly because they all involve travel from the UAE, think its been 3 Marathons & 2 ultras. Planning on 5 Marathons & 2 or 3 Ultras in 2008.

  • Afternoon

     Managed to work my way out of the doghouse (actually a timely intervention by my sister-in-law did the trick) but now Mrs K is in a state because she left the interior light on in our van and the battery is now flat.  No luck so far with jump starting and as we are not AA/RAC members we are struggling to get it going.  She is in a state largely because it is the second time she's done it this week!  Usually it is me who has the DOH! moments around the house.

    Lyrics:  shiny (who else likes Firefly BTW?)

    What:  rest

    Why:  schedule.  Considered a short run but vehicle issues take priority

    Last hard:  1 day, although it wasn't as hard as expected

    Last rest:  today

    All the best for tomorrow's racing - interested in AF's HM time.

  • Kenobi - coincidence - I've just jump started our car and my partner has taken it down to get the battery checked out. 

    lyrics - no, but I've a feeling I should know it so I'm gonna google it in a second. 

    What  - just over a couple of hours on the bike done- went out with chain gang but absolutely nothing in the legs - and a couple of winter racers (anyone that is going better than me in Winter!) decided that we have to tear along like it's the racing season.    Gave up on one hill and left them to it and toured into the cafe 5 minutes late then rode back on my own.   On the one hand I don't want to be going too fast at this time of year - on the other it would be nice if it was through choice rather than complete lack of form. 

  • Afternoon..very quiet thread today..a late start too..

    Scoobs..sorry to see you are still having are a fighter I wil give you that..I admire your commitment when things get tough.. does feel strange not doing the Fri track session....hope to join you all again after xmas...concentrating on building lots of miles at the moment..and managing very nicely with that...image...I had a really quiet night at work last night, and managed to leave half an hour had a plan..I came home had a bowl of porridge and went strainght to bed and asleep by 8...solid sleep till 12.30..bit early really but woke feeling really refreshed..!ah !! I though great , lets get this 15 miler out of the way...nice cold dry aftenoon..xcross bun and banana...for fuel and out the door by 1.45...took it nice and easy...9 min mile pace and kept that up all the way feeling really strong...the run seemed to pass really quickly plenty to look at..passd acouple of rugby and footballmatches ..plenty of people making the most of a nice afternoon..cycling dog walking ..a really great run.....and it means I can have a REST day tomorrow...image

    Good luck Gobi and AF at Gosport tomorrow...2 race reports I shall definately look forward to...

    DD look like a very full racing calender you have for next year good luck

    What : 15 miles in 2.15.45...(9.03 pace)..pleased as it is hilly around here...

    Why: LSR

    Last rest : 6 days.

  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    Great, great, lryics right up my street.

    What 3.75 easy / recovery

    Why - Gosport Half tomorrow

    Last Hard - Thurs

    Last Rest - yesterday

    Take care all

  • Vehicle is now operational!
  • Hmmm, a quiet day for the thread today; late starting and not many contributors so far today! It's blooming cold today even though the temperature has increased since this morning, thanks to the rain - glad I'm not running outside this evening. Mind you, I'd probably prefer it compared to having todo the XC tomorrow at Winterhills in Kimberworth (near Sheffield, even the name sounds wintry and cold)!

    What: 2.3M fairly briskly on the treadmill then pilates
    Why: a cold, cold day
    Last hard: most of this week
    Last rest: 3 days ago

    Seem to have a niggle in both ankles which could be from running in my old shoes that have worn down - guess they need to be donated to the third world aid collections. Maybe I'm contributing to the increase of good running form coming out of the countries?!

    Some good runs have been going on today, good luck for any other racers for tomorrow, there'll be a bitter wind to contend with. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!image

  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭

    4.1 miles done early before work.  An easy day prior to a long run with a clubmate tomorrow.

    Best of luck for tomorrow to AF, Gobi & RFJ.

    Have a good weekend all.

  • NN
    New traing regime seems to be going well.

    Really didn't want to get out from under my nice warm duvet this morning, so "5 miles easy" didn't happen today.  Still, my 7-days-training-per-week schedule is designed with this sort of lapse in mind, so no real damage done.  May tack an extra mile or 2 onto my LSR to compensate.

    What:  Rest
    Why:  Lazy
    Last hard:  1 day
    Last rest:  11 days

  • what: 5km easy
    why: cutback week

    good to hear you sounding more positive scooby - even if not actually fixed yet.  it doesn't sound like you at all when you are feeling down!!

    i've got a big test of my will power in implementation of my training schedule next week.  i'm out for various work functions every night and every lunchtime.  so the only time i can run is before work which i hate.  but its the only time i can do it so i will.  i'm aiming for 55km for the week and that wont happen if i dont run till the weekend!!

  • Good luck tomorrow, Gobi and RFJ at Gosport, AF at Downton, and anyone else racing

    What: 8.6ml inc track session - 6 x 400, with longer recoveries than I get on Tuesdays; 4 x 1200m, just above tempo, 400m jog rec;   pm 3.4ml recovery
    Why: to boost my Vo2 max, and then LT; and getting the miles in for endurance
    It was absolutely freezing this morning, but just now on my recovery run it was really mild.  Strange weather!

  • I agree Tigger, I was wrapped up this morning for my run (ok mere trot) more than I have ever been before. Yet this afternoon we had drizzle so the weather has definately got milder.

    Best of luck to all racing tomorrow.

    M - thanks, I don't like being miserable as it doesn't actually achieve or help anything. Although still not ok, I am back to my old scheming ways as to getting back out there and that sits much better with me. So off to the gym I will go tomorrow. Best of luck with your plans. Like you, I don't get on with early morning running, but more because I am a creaky old hag bag first thing! I'm sure you will be fine once you adjust. :0) if you need a boot post here and we will all boot you out the door, but I bet you won;t need it. :0)

     Lyrics - Pink Floyd  - 'Shine on you crazy diamond' but then you all knew that. And you are all diamonds so keep on shining....

    Night :0)

  • evening

    milder but windy & drizzly today 

    what: 6.1 miles in 46:10, mean HR 144
    why: somewhere between recovery from last night's eyeballs out and trying to burn off  one or two of those excess pounds (see elsewhere)

    511kCal burnt according to the HRM......more to come off tomorrow....... 

  • GobiGobi ✭✭✭
    not even close with the lyrics after all
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