A stupid question about allergies

If you have an allergy you are supposed to put a large black cross on your race number.  I have seen various different versions but wondered about the general consensus of the forum.


  • plague isnt an allergy is it? image

    dunno ..write it on the back with meds?

  • I have never heard of that one farnie, but then again I dont have an allergy so perhaps I wouldn't have known ...

    some races put a black cross on for other reasons, such as picking up kit and goody bags tho ...???
  • YumsYums ✭✭✭

    I had a large black cross on my race number because I was *shudders*

    a veteran

  • lol Yums

    thats quite funny - veteran =nearly dead (black cross on doors of plague houses)

  • (ive just got a tombstone on my head!)
  • Never heard of that - I think you are mistaken.

     Some races ask you to put any medical details of use on the back of the number though. 

  • Not exactly mistaken. Exisiting medical problem requiring specialist med atention, big black cross on front of number....Bedford HM asking for it this year, just looked on back of number. Allergy wld prob count?


    Just because YOU have never heard of it, does not mean I am by default wrong.

  • sorry I didn't mean to shout.


  • Oooh I do apologise. 

    But you could have said that the organisers had stipulated it - would have saved us guessing.  Its not been the case for any race I've done in the last five years.

  • wonder why its not a red cross ...it would make me think more of medical things than a black one which just makes me think of plague and definitely not veterans !image
  • S'ok Farnie. image

     I know a kid who doesnt go anywhere without his special allergy pen - according to his mum he's allergic to just about anything and everything. (but he seems fine to me)

    Would you have to declare a seafood allergy on the back - just in case they try to treat you with haddock tablets ?  (ha ha haddock/headache)

    Grabs coat..... 

  • For some reason Buney and I don't know why, but all the road races seem to say black cross (in the Manchester 10K there were all sorts of different peculiar crosses)

    But some of the Tri's ask for a red cross.

  • Salford Tri

    Please write all medical details on the back of your race number and put a small indelible Red Cross on the front of your number.

  • is that waterproof indelible ....
  • could be worse cougie it could be nuts...image
  • lol

    "this Snickers bar may have been manufactured in a factory with nuts"

    (not laughing at people's allergies here ) 

  • imageI should hope not Buney!!!image
  • no really -  im a bit worried i may have developed an asthma type thing after my chest infection
  • PMSL its not that its where you work......

    Anyway, for tomorrow I am going to design a nice celtic cross that will totally obscure my number so as to not be embarrassed by my time.

  • lol

    well its funny you should say that ..although it could be the Davyhulme whiff!image

    does that mean you need infusions of Guinness in the case of emergencies?

  • YumsYums ✭✭✭

    does the cross denote who the ambulance should follow ?

    proper allergies should be taken seriously - is not nice to watch someone having an anaphylactic reaction

    have a great race Farnie image

  • its not nice having one either yums!!

    Thanks it should be a laugh (as long as the ambulance doesn't follow me)

    Still haven't done my cross though, oh well got till 11.00

  • I would have thought writing your medical conditions and allergies on the back of your race number would be a good idea.

    And if you have a medical condition like Diabeties it would be a good idea to wear onse of those medical alert bracelets.

  • FLM asks for medical details on the back and asks you to put a red cross on the front if there's anything to be aware of.
  • I'm allergic to penecillin, so I guess it would be important to put it on my race number if I collapsed in a heap and they wanted to give me antibiotics - though tbh I've only actually seen this on the mass participation event numbers from Great Run.

    From the thread title I thought it may be able to explain why I start sneezing for hours after 5k races - just 5k's - not longer distances.

    Any suggestions? 

  • Has anyone got one of those tags that you tie into shoelaces with info on? Or know where to get one from?
  • SlugstaSlugsta ✭✭✭
    OK, let's try that again cram tags ?
  • That's exactly what I meant...thank you!
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