Hastings 100th Anniversary Marathon

is this event going to be a full 26.2 marathon ?


  • yes.

    think there is already a thread running on this

  • Think this is the only thread that I can see so far.  Are both of you up for it?  I am, and it should be quite special and picturesque, given the route details so far.  I wonder if it will become a regular event in any case for Hastings, just as the wonderful 'Hilly Hastings Half' is? 
  • definitely thinking about it if it is a measured 26.2.trying to plan in one marathon on each month next year[2008].this would offer an alternative to luton
  • have registered my interest - sounds twice as good as the Hilly Half!
  • Sounds great - I have just registered my interest image  The Hastings Half is my favourite road half so I'm looking forward to this one already!
  • Looks like the race will be full quite early, given the interest shown so far.
  • .......ever closer.
  • Have also had my registered interest acknowledged by RO. With all the above usual suspects, let the marathon roadshow continue!
  • Registered my interest image
  • Yippee Redhead, hope to see you there.  Might you do the Christmas Pudding Dash in 2008 as well, presumably on Saturday 20th December, just 6 days after the Anniversary Marathon?  Are you that keen?  Am I?  Does it matter?

  • Just getting started for the ones I want to do Next year....  Like the idea of this. 

    Do we have to do it in Baggy shorts and in black and white?  .. Might be a nice idea

  • How did you manage to register your interest?  I tried e-mailing the race director (as per website) but it got bounced back. Any help appreciated.

    Yvonne - try again my email went OK and was acknowledged by RO
  • Thanks Shades.  I've just tried again but it's still been bounced back.  Ah well, will just have to keep a close watch for when the entries open. 
    Yvonne - how strange, are you sure you have the right email address racedirector@hastings-half.co.uk
  • Yes, I've tried a few times now and after the first undeliverd message double checked everthing, even tried copying and pasting it just doesn't like meimage  I'll try again in the new year.

    Merry Christmas everyoneimage

  • I'll be there - have registered my interest, expect it to be tough from what I've seen of the route - climbing up from the seafront over the same big hill that the Half goes over (though up a different way I believe... though that doesn't make it any smaller!).
  • Ah, that's interesting - so if not Queensway, then which road is it that you refer to?   Have you seen a map, by any chance? 

  • I've only seen the original announcement in the local paper - starting at the old town hall and going up near the centre of town rather than back along to Harley Shute. It's supposed to follow the original route quite closely - which would mean about 80 years before the Queensway was built I guess?
  • Yes, I suppose you're right.  And am I right in assuming you are a Hastings resident, as you refer to your local paper, or is that me barking up the wrong tree? 

    Any news of when the registration will begin?

  • ooooooooooooh!
  • Afraid I'm not from Hastings, but mum and dad are near there and I get to run when visiting the family... I'm in Portsmouth, but I've run quite a few Hastings Half's over the years.
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Boing so this doesn't get forgotten image

    Hope you are all doing the 1/2 too in a few weeks.
  • Yes indeed Susie, and apparently, entry for this Anniversary Marathon will probably take place after the Hilly Hastings Half has been staged.   See you there.  Is Mike running - ??!!
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That would be a "NO!" to your question Pete.
  • Mr Finknottle - insider information image

    Redhead - PSC and I will definitely be there for the half, its become quite a tradition, hopefully Jnr will out on the course with his new camera - will be good to meet again. 

  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Hi Bo-bo, look forward to seeing you both. Please ask junior to watch out for me as he takes the best race photos!
  • It's quite simple really, bo-bo.  I just emailed Eric Hardwick about one aspect of the race and about purchasing some souvenirs at the half marathon event, and I got all this info.  Eric has been inundated with inquiries about the Anniversary Marathon, and is already organising the 2009, yes 2009 Hilly Hastings Half, to be staged on Sunday, 15th March 2009.  More insider info for you.   imageimage
  • For those interested in the proposed route here is the information I was given when asked back in August of last year!

    Starting outside Hastings Town Hall, at least round the ‘Ground’ Havelock Road, Devonshire Rd., South Terrace,once. Then into Queens Road, St. Helens Road, turn right into Parkstone Rd., Hillside Rd., to The Ridge. Along to Beauport Park Roundabout, Follow Battle Road into and through Battle, turn left into North Trade Rd., Left into b.2204 through Catsfield to Ninfield Junction. Left to Sidley. Through Sidley and past Bexhill Hospital, under Tunnel ,turn right, and follow to Bexhill Town Hall Square,Terminus Road into Terminus Avenue, Richmond Rd., to Bexhill Promenarde.
    Then along Promenarde and seafront to Hastings, through underpass to Town Centre and Town Hall Finish.

    There are some ups and downs but nothing too bad. The climb out of Hastings via this route is probably easier than Queensway (for the half) but I may just be hoping for this! The part through Battle should be nice then it is a long, long slog through Catsfield (long stretch of rural roads) and Sidley (back in to built up areas but this is probably the 20 mile mark).

    Cheers, Mike
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