Hastings 100th Anniversary Marathon




    Im IN  So happy   !!!!!!

    364!!!!!!!  I thought I would of had a lower number than that.    

  • how exciting !!

    I have a small matter of an IM marathon to contend with in 10 weeks time so I may shelve this excitement for a couple of months if thats ok ??   image
  • SL. Can you actually stop during the FLM for a massage? Do I need to carry change?
  • Yeah.... Nice to be a bit premiture...   

    Before this I happens I have about  5 marathons.. 1 56 miler and a 100KM race..  but still it's all good 

  • how many mad people are there on this thread?! back to back marathons, iron men and 100k races, when did 26.2 miles stop being a long way?! and i haven't even done that yet!

    good to hear you've got leave, hipps, that's got to help. bet you even planned it that way image

    muttley, they might have even found a way to massage you as you run, you never know!

    awaits mr b's reaction... 

  • SunluvvaSunluvva ✭✭✭

    Muttley, yes you can and you wont need change, you can limp up to the st.johns bods and ask them for a quick rub down or further on there was a place run by some churchy group giving massages.  Mind you that was 2003 last time I did it but I bet they'll still be there. 

     I had such a rotten run that day that I just decided to get round however I could and basically munched my way round on handout goodies, boogied at the music places and had a massage whenever I could!  And if the crowds weren't making much noise I yelled at them and told them to give me a cheer, it helped no end!

    M.eldy, you're not planning on doing the IM on the horse are you image

  • course i planned it runner duck


  • Runner Duck!   It's an addiction... you do one it;s a miracle...  2nd really hurts cause you know whats happening....  Before you know it in double figures and friends (yeah say they are friend they just want to hurt you) suggest "ohh how about at 30 miler (Remember the sceen from Meaning of life - "It's only waffer thin!!!") Yeah I can do that you reply.......  

    Then you run a marathon (yeah 26.2 miles of pain) as a ... yeah you will like this.... A TRAINING RUN.

    then the miles get bigger and before you know it.... Some suggest  "HEY how about  swimming and cycling before hand"  (is that right M.edly?)

    No idea why I wrote all that.... just didn;t want to delete it...


  • no, i dont do the swimming and cycling

    am safe


    just the marathons

    and sometimes a little bit longer


  • haha he knows Hipps - I needed his card, I wasn't forking out twice image
  • Some St Johnnies are much better at rubbing than others image

    Or there is always mudchute and fetchpoint

  • so that's how it happens, cap'n. sunluvva is of that mode, she's been trying to talk me into ultas already!

    luckily i don't do water, nasty splashy stuff it is.

    v sensible, b!

    thought you might have planned it hipps, you look like a very sensible hippo in your stripey jammies image

    *turns blind eye to bottle of gin*

    need to go to bed but beloved offspring have colonised my bed to watch csi while their beloved papa watches the soccer highlights on the downstairs tv - harrumph!

    now just where is that room of one's own?

  • Oh Lordy! Im on the list now!

    How bad is a marathon in reality? I can do a half comfortably, so is Sept ok to start going further? Im scared!!!

  • most schedules are 16-18 weeks, ss, so you'll be fine.

    pick out some races between now and then to keep you going and reduce the number of long slow runs you have to do on your own. having just done my first 20miler on my own i'm very aware of how tough that is!!

    but the feeling of achievement at the end overcame most of the pain image

  • how bad is a marathon in reality?


    Its fine shortstop, piece of cake


  • Got to agree with the hippo..  Piece of cake...   (afterwards that is)  the constant cursing while you are doing it... 

    You should be fine.  Just focus on finishing and not on a time and you will be golden.  After all it's all about having fun! 

  • Fun


  • Don't know about you SS, but I'm not finding this very reassuring?image
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Of course it's fun, or that would make us all masochists! image
  • It is fun.. Running along laughing like a crazed person...  (and thats before the race starts) (Evil Laugh)

    And B... it's great... you will do it and look back and think why did I ever do it...  Ermm I mean what was I worried about.


  • crazed???????

    nah, that doesnt apply to me


  • I ask myself "why" on every start lineimage
  • Of course it don;t apply to you... I mean the rest of them!

    And when you ask yourself WHY.... whats your answer? (deep huh) 

  • you guys are scaring me
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Runner duck, RUN now or they'll engulf you in their madness...................
  • Me too!

    I like the idea that this is a one off!

    If its awful, I know I'll never have to do it again. My shins are twinging just thinking of it......

  • if only i could, still too knackered from monday's 20 miler

    *hobbles into corner* 

  • My answer??????

    i havent come up with a decent one yet!

    RD-20 miles is a BLOODY long way

  • i found that out the hard way!

    but i did it image

  • Yeah... I'm still seraching for that answer. . I have a list which includes ;

    Why Not

    Because I have issues

    It's the only way I can get away from the wife and kids

    Because I said I would

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