Hastings 100th Anniversary Marathon



  • Will be there at the Hilly Half as a spectator for once... been waiting for some time for an operation to fit a replacement pacemaker, and it came through two weeks ago... I'm recovering, and would still run, but under threats of violence from various family and club members if I attempt to put my running shoes on!

    Will watch out for you all and be cheering at the sidelines - still be on for the marathon, and as for the Half in 2009, try and stop me!

  • I've just seen that entries for this will be open from 12:30pm Next Friday (28th).  www.sportsystems.net/hastingsmarathon/
  • I went over to watch on Sunday, and took a drive round the full marathon course... for information, once you get out of the centre of town it's a seriously long drag along St. Helens Road, Parkstone Rd, Hillside Rd, and up to The Ridge just to the south east of the Conquest Hospital roundabout. I guess it is always going to be a big climb no matter which route you go up, as the elevation difference between the Ridge and sea level has got to be overcome somehow!

    I'd say the course out to Catsfield and Battle, then back through Sidley to Bexhill, is undulating, and could be quite exposed in the winter weather - they do get snow in this part of the country. Once you hit Bexhill it's flat along the prom with just Galley Hill left to contend with. I'm assuming we'll turn under the railway arch and along the main road/pavement, rather than taking the beach footpath (shingle/dirt) - at least I hope so!
  • Should be challenging in any case, and thanks for the weather warning Russ.  I guess that hgher ground will be exposed to more severe weather, especially in these days of climate change.  I hope to enter the event, nonetheless. 
  • I'd say the course out to Catsfield and Battle, then back through Sidley to Bexhill, is undulating, and could be quite exposed in the winter weather

    undulating may be an understatement at this stage of the race - I bike those roads a fair bit and the bit between Catsfield and Ninfield will make you work a fair bit but thankfully it's only about 3 miles

    is going to be fun closing them roads as well as alternative routes are not easy
  • Just signed up for this race. Was planning to do their half but thought I might as well do this race.
  • I've entered!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now need to start some hill work!
  • image myself and OH (Pit Stop Crew) will see you there!
  • hmm shall I ? image
  • go on - you know you want to image fish & chips by the sea, perfect!
  • I will apply for a visa.  Not sure I can play the fish and chips by the sea card though image
  • SilkTorkSilkTork ✭✭✭
    I've paid me money and I'm in.
  • 29 quid for a sprint, they are having a laugh!!
  • WOOO HOOO.. I'm in....  wonder what the Momentos are... ?
  • now now Andrew we cant all be super Ultra runners like your good self and for some people a marathon is the longest race/event they will ever undertake.  And have you seen the prices some events charge even for a 10K image
  • MF7, you should see the prices of triathlons. Based on my time this will be half the price of a triathlon that takes me roughly the same amount of time.

    The fish and chips afterwards have swayed this decision to do this. 

  • I've entered too.  Was surprised at the price, but it is a one off I suppose!  Just won't tell the wife how much it was image
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    I've entered.

    Here's a <SLAP> for the blue donkey!
  • Yippee, I'm in!!  Order status is - paid. 

    Have you entered yet, Redhead?   Don't delay, it's bound to sell out quickly.  image

  • do you think as they dish out horse brasses for the half, we will get a horse when we finish? image

    Hastings 100th Anniversary Marathon

    Done !

  • Nice late december marathon

  • you in then Hipps? image
  • YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dances naked through the thread!!!!!!!

    this has really made my day


  • We might get at the finish:

    1)  A medal resembling the original medal / memento of the 1908 race, assuming there was such an award

    2)  A horse

    3)  A doubte-sized horse brass

    14)  A stable

    5)  A paddock

    6)  A field

    ...........and the list could go on, and on, and on, and on ....................(yawn).

    Is this just my sad mind, or what?  Answers on a postcard to the local equestrian society.

  • erm ............ 4)  A stable  image
  • I dont even care

    I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!

  •  Has anyone done this one before?? only kidding.

    I have been looking forward to this very since it was announced and now I have entered  I'm dreading it.

  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Entered this morning Pete and my status is 'paid' too image

    <throws Hippo a towel to cover her modesty (which is much smaller these days)>
  • SunluvvaSunluvva ✭✭✭
    Just entered, cant stand horse brasses so am hoping for something that dosen't need polishing.  Something to look forward too in December other than Santaimageimageimage
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