Hastings 100th Anniversary Marathon



  • why did I register my interest, I was under the impression the organiser was going to email me before entry opened,    image   nevermind. Will go and enter now.

  • im in now, no more moaning


  • Dont know what it is about maras in this neck of the woods, but I do get a bit over excited


  • SunluvvaSunluvva ✭✭✭
    Theres not much else to get excited about in Hastings Hipps. 
  • LOL!

    I have never been to hastings


  • SunluvvaSunluvva ✭✭✭
    Wot Never, the 1/2 marathons the only good thing about it, so this'll be double the fun
  • you'll never come here again after this marathon PHimage
  • I'm in too. Did go to Hastings once but it was shut.
  • lived there for 18 years .....  but I will still enter the marathon as long as there are places left on Monday!
  • Anyone know how full the race is at the moment?
  • Did 20 miles training run today for Edinburgh Marathon on 25th May - chose an undulating/hilly route with a fair few flat bits. 

    Still aching.............................image

  • Im In, just few months after Loch Ness for me, so nice finish to the year.
  • Just been accepted. Good to have a year end marathon booked and therefore a target to train for.

     Lochaber and Halstead are the next  ones for me. Hoping to do 5 this year, all being well.

  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    I spoke to Eric earlier about something else and he said he hasn't decided what the memento will be but as the horse brasses are always popular it will probably be one of them. They had 200 entries in the first hour.
  • does anyone know where the route goes? I can't find it on the site - if it's twice the half route I'm definitiely not in!image
  • i'm not too sure but it isn't twice the HM route that  do know
  • That's right.  As far as I know (and there is an earlier post regarding the route), we are taken from Hastings Town Hall up to The Ridge (hilly bit), then left on to Battle, Catsfield, Ninfield, Sidley, Bulverhythe, Cooden, Bexhill-on-Sea and back to Hastings Town Hall.  An 'out and back' course.   The original course was only 25 miles long so it has been extended to the current 26.2 miles length. 

    Two laps of the Hilly Hastings Half?  No chance!!

  • Oh, and Telham as well, wherever that is!!
  • Thanks Mr Fimage
  • Hi all. Well with my leg in an air cast and only a couple of weeks before my first ever marathon, the FLM, I'm not exactly expecting to set the world on fire with my finishing time. Unfortunately I overtrained and gave myself a shin stress fracture and ankle ligament problems, but I'm so determined to get round that course by either jogging, run/walking, or crawling. All I can say is I'm looking for another marathon a long way off from now, where I can actually run it and enjoy myself! This run seems a good one. Is it worthy of a first proper running marathon?
  • I'm in and looking forward to this one (see my post on page 2 for details of the route that was provided to me some time ago by Eric). Wonder what they are going to do about road closures for this - not even sure if they will be able to close many as it is just two weeks form Christmas. Can you imagine the fuss the big retailers will make if it hinders the stampede to the shops!

     Another vote from me for the horse brass as well - really like the ones I have from the Half and am looking forward to another. Should have enough to decorate the old nag soon.

     This will be a stange one for training as you typically come off from summer with 10k's etc., and don't really get going for a Marathon until past Christmas. Looks like we all need to take it easy on the build up to Christmas this year! I can image the sob story's now at the office Christmas do's passing on that extra pint!

     Right, just hoping for a nice crisp, sunny day with no wind now - where's that long range forecast!

    Good luck all,


  • Hi Muttley,  yes I think the event is particularly worthy of a proper running marathon, given the uniqueness of the event, as it will never be staged again.  Sorry to hear of your injuries, please do be careful if you do make it to the FLM start.  Just get yourself round, and in so doing you will set yourself a new PB for this distance, which you can then beat at Hastings.

    Make sure you sign up now, as places are going fast, I understand.

  • Another horse brass for this unique event?  Hmm, would prefer a ribboned medal or glass memento I think.  Leave the brasses for the Hilly Hastings Half, IMHO, the memento for this marathon needs to be quite distinct.    

    Was there a memento for the 1908 race?  If so, then how about something based around that?

  • I agree, this is a unique event and deserves a decent medal, especially with a steep entry fee.
  • Have emailed Eric Hardwick about the memento, so hope to hear from him in due course.
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    I don't want a glass memento thank you very much! Give me a medal any time.
  • I must agree something that is based on the 1908 race would be great. 

    To be honest it;'s nice to get medals but what do you end up doing with them?  Mine seem to sit in a draw gathering dust,  where as a glass memento (recieved one after finishing the Picnic) was outstanding.

  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    CWPants, mine are hanging in my office at home (my medals, not my pants!) and whenever I feel like a fat middle-aged woman I look at them and smile image

    I've got 2 shot glasses from the Steyning Stinger marathon for the past 2 years and they gave exactly the same thing to people who just did the 1/2 so I felt a bit cheated. Now a nice big medal would have really meant something.

    WOW, if you've done the Picnic then I hope you display your glass memento with pride!

    It must be very difficult for race organisers to please everyone as we all seem to like different things. I suppose if I'm honest I just want something other than a tee shirt to show what I've achieved - 35 miles at the Draycote ultra and you got a tee shirt!!!!!! Or perhaps a medal and a tee shirt would have pleased me.

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