Hastings 100th Anniversary Marathon



  • Yo Red...

    Don't get me wrong... I like Medals, but for a 100th Aniversary then maybe something special.  After all the price kind of dictatates that it's got to be something good (fingers crossed I am hoping)

    And I too have TWO shot glasses,  I only use them on special occasions because as far as I am concerned I really erned them (as you did I know). 

    My Glass memento is in my prize possesion... It's a shame they only do it every 2 years!

    If it is a medal, or a horse brass or even a Glass then so be it.  Just be nice to have something different as this is going to be a one off event.

    Of course being giving nothing except a certifacate would be a compleate letdown as on one 26 miler that happend image.

  • Hi all.  Have received a reply from Eric Hardwick, the Race Director.  He states that, although it hasn't been decided yet, he is still leaning towards a special brass, and that he does have details of the original medals handed out at the 1908 race.  Apparently, he has spoken to many runners and has got a consensus that "medals can be a bit common, whereas the Hastings brasses are great!" 

    At Arundel last year, runners get a gorgeous perspex hologram oblong paperweight, depicting a male and female runner running alongside each other.  At least, that was what was awarded at last year's Arundel Castle 10k.  It came complete in a luxurious blue presentation box.  How generous.

    We will know in due course what the memento will be for the marathon, so I think we may as well close this chapter for now.  All agreed, or any other comments?

    Erm ................ what is 'the Picnic'?  

  • Those paperweights are cheap, perhaps Eric should canvass opinion on here.
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Pete, the 'Picnic' is a race that neither of us will ever be allowed to enter! http://www.trionium.com/picnic/
  • SunluvvaSunluvva ✭✭✭

    I really do not like horse brasses, sorry but I just dont.  A medal would be just 'normal', a glass momento could be good if its nice quality.

    This is a one off special event and as such should have a one off special momento.

  • Did you do Arundel Paul?  The paperweights certainly don't seem cheap at all.  image image

    We could enter the Picnic Susie, if we are mad enough!!  However, you won't be allowed to enter because you are not mad, whereas they would definitely welcome me with open arms (especially if wearing red tights!!!).   Yuk, yuk! image

  • Did you have anything especially in mind, sunluver?
  • No I didn't do Arundel but are they like these 'running cubes' ?

  • ooooooh, nice


    But , id like a mug

    then i can drink out of it and smile

    actually, i dont really care

    Just so  bloody excited!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SunluvvaSunluvva ✭✭✭

    A mugs a good idea Hipps, so long as its classy and not the sort you'd find in a greasy spoon cafe.  By the way, you are seriously mad, excited about Connemara next week, excited about Hastings and probably excited about a dozen more marathons in between image

    T. Wells did a commemorative bottle of wine with a special label one year, sadly it didn't last very long image, maybe Hastings could stretch to both, a mug and a bottle of wine...................

  • yeah well, i am sad like that


    wine out of a mug




  • QBQB ✭✭✭

    The Dartford Half gave one of those glass paperweight things - I quite liked it other than the fact it is scratched (my children dropped it across the track twice image ), and of course that I now know it is cheap! I've alwaysreceived medals for full marathons which is good although all are merely buried in a drawer. The Sandwich haldf gave the only memento I've been disappointed with - after a hard half they gave all half, 10k and fun runners the same 'fun run' labelled medal the size of a 2p coin.

    I do like the sound of this. Ran Luton last year so would be nice for a change. I take it that this course is much harder than Luton...

  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Well I don't mind if we get a mug or a paperweight but I'd like a medal or a horse brass as well please image
  • well I've entered now . Loved training for Luton in December last year ,and the rest afterwards was perfect timing for relaxing over christmas. If its anything like the half marathon QB its going to be hilly but with better support and atmosphere than Luton (although I didn't dislike Luton )
  • Hi sunluver . Have you entered this one then?
  • SunluvvaSunluvva ✭✭✭

    Yep sheep, i'm in this one too.  I must be having some kind of mid life crisis, I hardly run at all for 10 years then suddenly i feel compelled to enter 2 marathons, 2 30 mile ultras and am seriously considering the London 2 Brighton 56.   Maybe Alzehimers is setting in and i keep forgetting how much it hurts and how knackered i feel..............image.

    This will be a special one though I feel, I think............... I cant remember why though image.

  • Sunlover.  It does sound like a crisis.   Think I'm having one of them to.  

    I was looking at ultras yesterday and I notice that that Thames Tow path (Reading to Sheperton) is being run in November,  I swam that, well part of the way this year. (it was a tad flooded) and thinking I want to do that again.

    Maybe there should be a "Crisis Series" of runs!image

  • blimey sunlover , are you making up for lost time ?! Thats quite impressive . Good luck to you .

     Yes that pain/discomfort thing.. ..Why does it slip our minds so easily when we enter these things .I blame the online entry system myself  image

    How far exactly did you swim CWP?

  • Thanks for that Mr. Finknottle, I will be as careful as I can, and yup what ever time I do it will be a PB. I got exactly the same paperweight as you received for the Arubdle run at a 10k run in Sutton last year. It is very nice and sits next a similar one i got in the Puma urban run, in my living room. My other medals from last years races are in a picture frame hanging by the frontdoor. That way every time I go out I can admire them!
  • Entries for this race now 300, and rising .................................................
  • No I didn't do Arundel but are they like these 'running cubes' ?

    They were those cubes Paul, but they don't look cheap and are quite attractive.  And they came in the blue box as illustrated on the site.  Some medals I understand only cost pennies to produce but they are still a nice souvenir of the race.  I suspect they might produce the same type of memento at the Arundel Park 10k this Sunday, which I will be running.

    By the way, the Rye Summer Classic series medals were of good quality, all metal and of an imaginative design. 

  • thats me in then ...   image
  • 301, and rising .........................!!
  • Muttley said:-

    "It is very nice and sits next a similar one i got in the Puma urban run, in my living room."

    Blimey, they held the Puma urban run in your living room! I'm impressed! image

    I'm in for the Hastings Marathon, so work to do now...

  • Sheep.   The Thames was 50miles long and flooded... 

    what with falling over and spending a fair percentage ofthe time at least at knee deep all of it.  (GRIN)

    ANd as for the Entry system.  Thats a good point.  Ask you where you are from, and how long you will finish in, But never how much Pain do you want to be in.

  • Well, I'm registered.  It'll be my first marathon if I actually manage to do it.  I wasn't planning to even consider doing one for quite some time, but it all seemed to fit together and I figured why not aim really, really high - it is 8 1/2 months away, that's plenty of time to figure out how to run more than 4 miles in one go...

     Oh, boy, what have I let myself in for?

  • Well done Tamise, you have taken the plunge and that is one of the hardest things achieved already.
  • Russ, I kinda thought someone would leap on that as soon as i posted it.
    Mr.Finknottle, that is precisely the cube I got, including the box and a small inscribed plate at the bottom. Surprised they can knock them out that cheaply really. They do look more expensive.
  • Ah, the wonders of modern technology, Muttley!  Still nice though.

    Well done Tamise, looking forward to seeing you there in December.  Welcome aboard.

  • SunluvvaSunluvva ✭✭✭
    Well done Tamise, committing to your first one is the hard part.  Find yourself a schedule you like the look of, adapt it to fit into the next 81/2 months and you'll be fine.  I've got one that I did for some friends that covers 32 weeks, I can e- mail you a copy if you want.
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