Hastings 100th Anniversary Marathon



  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭
    Seems I'm in too!
  • Capt WP ...  jump in to any of the beginners threads on Tri!

    3 maras for me this year,  Beachy, Hastings and the cool down at IM Nice  image
  • I'm on it now... well after the send  image

    this year is looking well busy... 3 Ultras (got a realy nice 100 k coming up) and about 7 Marathons..! 

  • yay, cinders!!!!

    now i'm really excited, and it's only april image

    yikes, meldy - ironman! have you done one before?

    already been for my cycle today image

    for all those that don't know me that's very early for me! 

  • All these  wooohoooo and wehhays.  It sounds like the noise from any American Show!!!!

    (still got to love the excitement.)   I'm trying to sort out a way of running in Black and White! 

  • don't you just run in your pants?image
  • Be nice too....  But the Police apparantly don;t like that...  Don;t understand WHYimage

  • BB ✭✭✭
    I've entered too - Beachy will be my first marathon and then this. It is a bit rash because beachy may put me off for life, but it is so close to home and a one-off so a shame to miss it.image
  • Redhead - Petal's not in for this one - she hates straight road marathons but is fine when it's part of an Ironman or an off-road challenge. after she's done IM France and Beachy Head she's giving up on anything more than a 1/2 marathon as frankly she hates long distance running!! it bores her
  • thats usually because she has you for company   image
  • probably not far wrong there Mouldy
  • Just been speaking to someone, they reckon it could be full, I sent my entry in by post, getting a bit concerned!! anyone know how many entries so far??

  • B,
    Beachy is a top marathon. my favourite of all time.
  • sorry, don't know ian. someone who does may be along soon image

    the police are no fun, are they, captain?

    beachy is on my 2009 list, have heard it's fantastic. can't believe i have a marathon list when i haven't done my first yet! come april 27th i'll probably be sobbing 'never again'! 

  • I suspect if they have postal entries they would have reserved some spaces for that?

    It will be my 4th year at Beachy ..
  • I think it's my 6th beachy... I just can;t get under 5 hours on this...  I ALWAYS have issues leading up to this event.    It's my NEMISIS!
  • i've heard it's tough.

    what's your mara pb? 

  • OK, thanks runner duck, will keep a look out.
  • 4:17  but still it;s not hat I don;t like the hills.   just Hates me!
  • I did an online application yesterday and got in so fingers crossed for you that there are still spaces.
  • that is a big difference - no wonder beachy head has a reputation as a seriously tough marathon!

    i hadn't realised just how much hills take out of you until i did a flat half marathon a couple of months ago. i saw just how much fresher you stay without that surge in heart rate and quad overload! doesn't happen a lot where i live, especially when i'm with the running club who are masochists to a man. have to confess mara training on my own has taken me along the canal a lot image.

    well done on the 4:17, sort of time i daydream of getting! where did you get that?

  • cross post, richard!

    hello image

  • 4.17?  thats usually the time of day I finish
  • lol image

    that'll be me!

  • SunluvvaSunluvva ✭✭✭

    You're not fretting already are you RD, 8 months of fretting is a long time....., theres nothing stopping you entering Beach Head this year you know image.

    Capt'n, cant  you wear your pants over your shorts in true wonderman style???????  Beachy in under 5 hours, I'm not sure I'm gonna get under 5 hours at stratford in a few weeks time ......., , I shall try my hardest though.

  • I not that normally caught up on times,  But I just want it! 

    My 4:17 was Luton, (probably just wanted to get away as soon as possible)

    And Pants over shorts... Intresting....   I should try that...  Or just on my head..!

  • yes there is, sl... sanity image

    nope, not fretting about hastings (yet!), just asking about beachy head for NEXT YEAR!!!!

    pants on the head - could be a forum look - that way we could all recognise each other at races -result! 

  • You want to do Beachy this Year....

    It is your Destiny! 

  • SunluvvaSunluvva ✭✭✭

    In one sentence you talk of sanity RD, in the next you talk of pants on head  image, are you schizophrenic?????

  • Beachy ROCKS

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