Witham Boxing Day 5

Fancy a run around the lanes of mid-Essex to burn off the excesses of the days before? Then why not give this one a go! Hopefully there'll be mince-pies at the end as usual!


  • Love this run, great to get out on a boxing day image
  • Entered a couple of days ago. A great run to end the year.

  • Entered.  That can be my easy run of the week!
  • Ive entered as wellimage
  • Yup, think I'll be entering this one now that Christmas arrangements have been sorted out with the family.
  • Number arrived today.  Plenty of time for me to lose it!!!!

    Depressing thought tho' that if I run it next year I'll have gone up an age group

  • If?

    Are you considering giving uo running then, Kazz?
  • No, not unless I have another nightmare year injury-wise.  It'll just be a shock to the system to have a nasty number emblazoned on my chest!!!
  • In for a dollar in for a pound, i have entered both myself & the wife!

    I will be the one wearing the tee shirt stating that the wife is somewhere ahead of me. 

  • Just to let ya know - we will have 250ml water bottles that will be in your goody bag, at least this way we won't run out like last year....

    See you on Boxing day. 

  • Looking forward to it!!
  • I have entered, first time for me

  • About 280 signed up so far, if you intend to run and haven't entered already, please turn up early to ensure we have time to register you.


  • Number 57 for me, If I came in in postion 57 i will be very pleased!
  • Thanks to everyone who ran yesterday in perfect conditions. The results are now available on our club website.

  • Really annoyed to have missed what sounds like great race.  Unfortunately my satnav sent me on a magical mystery tour of Essex (and I'd not got round to putting my atlases in my new car) and by the time I got on track I didn't think I'd get there in time.  Hope you all had a great one.
  • Oh dear Kaz. What a shame.
  • That was my first 5 mile race and the furthest I have run since starting in August. It was really tough with all the hills at the beginning but I am so glad I did it.

    A huge thank you to all the marshalls who kept me going - and of course my boyfriend who trotted along beside me!

     I'll be back next year, hopefully with a better time after all the hill training I now plan to do!

  • The Woodle - Well you were 2/3rds correct!! Great time though. If you joined your local club I am sure you would make at least a 50 place improvement ie 2 mins 30 seconds by this time next year( I must get out more!).

    Carla -  Glad you enjoyed your first 5 miler. A fantastic achievement in such a short time. Your local Club will give you guidance and advice on hills not to  mention plenty of practice, why don't you both pop along? Look forward to seeing both of you next year.

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