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Hi there I was so disappointed to find the 'sorry you are not in' mag yesterday.  I have entered the ballot 4 times now and have been rejected all of the times.  I don't understand some people can get in year after year, while others get rejected all of the time??? A very sad, sad runner!


  • It truly is a ballot, not much comfort I know. My wife is pissed off with me as she has been rejected again.
  • another year and you will go to the ball.

    Loads of other maras out there. Why get hung up on this one!

  • MonkeyFingers - dont despair - you are one of many. Who knows how they allocate places? If we knew then everyone would simply "adapt" their applications accordingly so its not surprising that they keep it a mystery! Im a "five rejects in a row" typa guy so I know how it feels. You need 5 rejects in a row to get a guaranteed place so youll definitely be in for 2010. As TT says, enter another marathon or go for a charity place. Raising sponsorship now is so much easier given the advent of justgiving.com. Good luck.
  • I got a place on the Hamburg marathon in about five minutes yesterday. I did FLM two years a go and I won't be applying again because of the 'willl I, won't I' nonsense. It's a great race, but there are other great races out there - don't let it get you down!
  • is it difficult to get in? I just filled in an application form, sent it off and got an acceptance letter yesterday, at the first time of asking image

  • No KK I saw that you don't give a sh!t elsewhere
  • I cant see that people can get in year on year through the ballot.

    Some are GFA, some run with a golden bond, some may nick their clubs places.

  • X-KKDX-KKD ✭✭✭
    Oh Monkeyfingers.  Console yourself by looking at the lovely forumites on Page 150 (I believe) of the mag they sent you image
  • No worries KKimage 
    I wanted to do Amsterdam before applying for London but the closing date was 2 days too early so had to commit. If I hadn't got in I would have looked for another 1 (Paris, Rotterdam?)
    Depending on how London goes I will go back to Amsterdam in October for either the full or the half

  • I didn't even bother to apply this time..  I've had three rejections previously...  plenty of other really excellent marathons out there that you can just apply for online without the faffing of the ballot..   I will do Paris again in 2008 (my 4th consecutive time) and that is just as big as FLM, but without all the charity runners and costumes...

    Paris is sold out, by the way....

  • Hi KKD - glad I spotted your post - I saw your picture in the rejection mag - page 136, the three naughty schoolgirls! I think you are the middle one!

    Brilliant picture, apart from the fact it reminded me that you beat me by 2 minutes!

    Hows the training going?

  • I'm hoping I don't get in now, I really cannot be bothered.  So sods law dictates that I will probably get my acceptance mag tomorrow.  If I do you can have my place monkeyfingers.
  • sioUxsioUx ✭✭✭

    I've been lucky enough to get in this year on my 2nd attempt. I hadn't expected to and had already found my alternative marathon 2 weeks later in blackpool.

    I did it this year as my 1st when FLM rejected me and had a great time.

    So even though I'm 1 of the lucky ones this year I'm with TT and KK. Find another one and enjoy.

    TBH I'm a bit worried that I'll get to London and find it frustrating that I won't be able to run at a steady pace right from the start, 40,000 runners sounds pretty daunting.

    That said I know I'm lucky. I intend to enjoy the atmosphere and being part of such a big event.

  • X-KKDX-KKD ✭✭✭

    Hey Kevster!! How are you!Funnily enough I was just thinking about you the other day and wondering if you were doing!!!

    Yip, you remember correctly - I'm the middle one.  What a fabulous day and meeting you at the end was unbelivable out of all those people!!

    I hadn't applied for FLM as my knee is still knackered (thats been nearly 10 months) so my running is not up to scratch at all. So are you doing FLM under a charity place or another marathon?

    (Sorry to hijack thread Monkeyfingers!)

  • It's not unusual to be rejected many times.  I've been accepted once since 1992 (missed applying one year so broke the uninterrupted rejections cycle, and am running this year after 6 consecutive rejections on the 5 strikes and you're in ticket. It happens.  I fully expect t be rejected next time as well...

    ...this is why I don;t buy lottery tickets.

  • Loon.Loon. ✭✭✭

    rejected this year, accepted through the ballot last year

     and in the mags this year ...

    wooo ooooo image

  • Third year of applying third rejection! I try not to be paranoid but is the ballot truly random? If it is why all the questions about what you do etc etc etc?

  • Gingerloon nice legs!

    KKD - sorry you're still injured.  Unlike last year, i'm training properly this year (i.e. building up gradually) and so far have no problems.  Got a charity place again - got my ballot rejection on Monday.  My colleague and I got our GB places sorted back in May, and applied to the ballot just in case.  Was weird though wasn't it, to meet at the finish after talking on the forum etc, considering all the other people on that day!

    You did really well with your sponsorship this year....over £4k!!! Wow!  Hope the injuries clear up soon and you can get back to it.

    I think the ballot is random - some people seem to get in year after year with no problems (not GFA people).  If it was rigged, then surely they would dish the places a bit fairer?  You have to believe its geniune, cos you'll never prove it isn't, and that niggling feeling will drive you mad.

    I wonder though.....

  • X-KKDX-KKD ✭✭✭

    Eh......over £7,500 raised for Teenage Cancer Trust.  What I lost in speed I made up for in fundraising!  :--D

    Sounds like your training in going well.  Long may that last, Kev! I'm toying with joining the RW support mob at mile 17 so I may see you next year too!

  • As far as I'm concerned if you get in one year (through the ballot) then you shouldn't get in the next. This would reduce the potential 6-year waiting period and then the people that did it the previous year can "go find another marathon".

    IMO of course!

  • sorry kkd - thought the justgrabbing....sorry, justgiving page said £4k.

    £7,500 is amazing!  How did you do that?

    We ran a charity prize bingo night a few weeks ago, had loads of prizes donated, put posters all round town...only 65 people turned up! Made over £400 including a raffle, but cant face doing any more cos it was loads of work!

    Well done.  I'll look out for you at mile 17!

    Mikey - good point!  Would be fairer I think, but guess its just the luck of the draw.

  • I am 1 of those on whose head you probably want to jump image as I did the online ballot thing , 1st time I have applied for FLM and I got in . Same happened to me when I applied to do the GNR year before last . Perhaps I have a magic mouse ! Anyway I agree that if you did it one year others should be given a chance the next. I was home alone and almost hugged the postie in excitement when it arrived...... I think he now thinks I am a bit certifiable after I  gave a very loud shriek of delight accompanied by a spot of dancing around .
  • 2nd time rejected in two years. ran last year for charity , raised 3K. Also raised 2K for charity in Oct 06 at Dublin Marathon. Facing a dilema whether to run / not run for charity this year. Likely to ask same people for funds again ? Only so much you can ask for

    Re ballot , not suprised I didn't get in, is  a lottery ofter all.

  • Sue - dont want to jump on your head!  Congratulations for getting in on your 1st attempt - train well (i.e. avoid injury) and have a good one.

    I guess the idea about not getting in a 2nd year in a row is ok, but makes me a bit of a hypocrite on another thread - am I in favour as I havent got in...therefore sourgrapes on my part?  After all, if I got in through the ballot twice in a row, I wouldn't give the place back!

    Still, its a lottery so I guess the moral is : if you get a place, grab it with both hands!

  • X-KKDX-KKD ✭✭✭

    No need to be sorry Kevvy.  My OH's website raised a HUGE amount for my fundraising.

    I quite fancy the Marathon de Medoc next year.  Wine instead of water stations??  Sounds like a race I could excel at!!!!!  image  hic!

  • Not just wine great food as well, I guess to soak up all the lovely wine ! My in-laws live not too far from where it is held , so maybe 1 day apparently it is a total blast and hence not that easy to get a place . Not as hard to get 1 as FLM though I believe.
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