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    I have five rejections, and I know only one person who has had two ballot places (and plenty who have had one, or none).

    The MdM is a great event KKD - we did it this year, and it was such a lot of fun. Nearly everyone dresses up, and there's plenty of wine (and water, if you insist!).

    Register through their website in January, then they'll notify you when you can enter on line. Do it fast, because it does fill up and it's FCFS.

  • Got the rejection this morning but I was expecting it. Crap rain top and why would I want to have a top of a marthon I am not doing?

     I already booked Rome marathon on March and I am also doing Edinburgh in May. The FLM rejection means you get into Edinburgh without going through the ballot.

    Try again next year

  • Risking a head jump too but can say I have got in through ballot (online this year) 2 years running image  However, this will be my 6th London, charity place x2 and club place x2.

    There are plenty more excellant marathons though, Berlin and Dublin being good Autumn ones.

  • If people are having 4 or 5 rejections in a row, wouldn't that have been enough time to have trained properly in order to get a guaranteed entry through the GFA system?

    I wanted my first FLM place badly enough to go and train for it.  You can't always have everything you want just because you pay some money, even in this capitalistic society.  Some things transcend money and consumer expectation.

  • The whole thing stinks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yes, that is me being classed as an offical LOOSER!!!imageimage Did not get in.

    Next stop charity.

    Even gave them my cheque, good luck to them. Not getting it next year......image

  • I' ve been rejected 9 times - in this year on the 5 times consecutively rejected thingy.  I did other maras whilst waiting for my FLM place and had a jolly good time. can't believe peeps get so upset about being rejected. hey, life sucks sometimes but in the grand scheme of things is it really worth getting p!ssed off about?
  • In my opinion, the London marathon is not a true ballot, in that all the entries are not placed in a pot and pulled out and random, reading thr threads there seems to be too many 'I have 4/5 rejections' alongside people who have got in 2/3 years in a row, ther odds do not add up.

    I mayself have had 1 rejection for 2006 but for 2007 and 2008 got in, I feel the ballot is weighted in that the entries and split into the estimated time categories and then randomly selected. This is to ensure a balance of people are finishing throughout the morning. This would then suggest the quicker times a better chance of entry due to reduec numbers (I myself for 2008 stated 3 hours 10 mins).

  • Rejected for 4th time now!  I have a friend who has been rejected only once in four attempts so perhaps there is a system behind the ballot 

    Have got a charity place out of desparation !  Did the Thanet Costal 10 mile yesterday. Very windy!

  • Hi DD.  Rejected for the 5th time!  There is a bit of a system behind the ballot. mainly based on your finish time. ie if you predict 4-5 hours it is about 1/8 chance of you getting through.  If you put 3hrs its 1 in 4 (or something like that)
  • I'v been rejected too-first year thou

     Bought A charity place offered St Johns Ambulance £2036 min amount req'd is £1250 raised that already- I will go to the ball!

    Set the goal- all i need to do now is a couple of runs LOL!

  • thanks all for your support and to help ease my feeling of crap after I got the rejection mag!!  I still think that it's unfair that some people get in year after year and others don't. 

    so to get a place for next year, I should put in a different finish time (maybe a quicker one...I am definitely not a hare...more a tortoise!!!).

    Good luck to all those who are in...I will watch you on the telly!!! 

    MF x

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