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Just found out I have been rejected for the FLM, thinking of applying to a charity for a place, anyone  got ideas  for best charity  to apply too, I think  I would be able to raise around £500 but not sure best one to run for as some start around £1900. any suggestions?.


  • I'd say to apply to ones that hold a personal meaning to you, as it's easier to raise money. For example, I had breast cancer in 2006, so this year I did it for Breakthrough Breast Cancer, and found it easy to raise money as it is a cause I totally believe in, and I could use the tagline 'to help other women be as lucky as I feel I am'.
  • Tried to enter Bupa north run via The heart foundation as my dad died last year from heart attack but got rejected so i was dissapointed with them, as that would have been my charity that was personal to me, So I might try again.
  • To be honest - the cynical part of me says that you may have been rejected if you told them you could only raise 500 quid  - especially for FLM, most GB places ask/expect about a target of 1200 - the more popular ones 1500. You might be lucky to find one for less but that is the way it is at the moment.

    Good luck.

  • I know from all the ones I looked at the minimum was £900. I didn't see any lower than that. If I come across any I'll let you know.

    Good luck! 

  • For Breakthrough you have to raise £1,900, next year I have to raise £1,500 for Unicef.
  • I may be able to raise more than £500 but wouldnt like to promise a charity and then not deliver.
  • So what would happen if you promised to raise x amount, got your golden bond place then couldn't reach the target?
  • I think you'll find that you have to put the rest of the monies out of your own pocket:0)))))))))))
  • It can be tricky.

    The charity I really wanted to run for last year was asking for silly money so I had to compromise by finding a worthwhile charity but which wasn't asking more than I knew I could deliver.

    You could try CRunCH  - you can see upfront how much each charity is asking - but the lowest this year is still £1,100. And yes, you are supposed to make up the amount if you fail to reach your target, although I'm not sure what happens if you don't. 

  • My charity (Calvert Trust) ask for £1250, but have said they aren't to worried if we don't make it - I think if they know you've tried, then fair enough.

    They also said they couldn't hold you to it, cos that would be selling the place for xx amount, then they'd have to pay vat etc.

  • Children with leukaemia don't set a target but £1000 seems to be about the norm. Luckily I raised £2250 ish last year so I'm in credit for this year!
  • I'm running for VICTA (Visually Impaired Children Taking Action).  Their minimum requirement is £950.

    Good luck and hope you find a charity that you'll be happy to work with.  I ran for VICTA in 2004 and it was an all round good experience.

  • Unicef make you send a post-dated cheque for £300, and if you've not raised the £1,500 by June, they cash it. I've had letters from charities that ask for a £100 registration fee.
  • Nykie - seriously? A post dated cheque? Can't say that I agree with that, but then I suppose they do pay FLM for the GB places themselves so they need to at least make sure they break even.
  • It seems some charities are demanding a 'registration fee', ON TOP of the fundraising they want you to commit to.

    I'm getting very cynical about charities and FLM lately. I know they have a duty to raise as much as possible, but some people have had really unpleasant hassle from their charities, after the event, over the fundraising.

    They are not allowed to MAKE you pay the difference if you don't raise all the money (as Kevster points out above), but they will try!
  • Yes, FINgers, a post-dated cheque. Stops people just using it as a way of getting a place then not raising any money at all I guess. I didn't apply to any that demanded a registration fee though.
  • Shaun - definitely run for a charity that has some personal link to you or someone you know well, even if you can find another charity that is asking for less. People will give generously if you have a convincing reason and a personal motive for raising money.

    I ran my first FLM in memory of my sister for Cardiac Risk in the Young (CRY), as did another sister. This charity raises awareness and funds screening and research into heart conditions that kill young fit people (the kind of thing the Sevilla footballer died of in August).

    Together, my sister and I raised nearly £11,000 that year. It all snowballed as people were inspired to help out, even with our son's nursery organising a mini marathon which the BBC came to film with Colin Jackson that was aired during FLM 2005. There's no way we could have raised that much if it weren't for a cause that meant so much to us. I ran for them again this year and raised £2,700. Luckily next year I have a ballot place as I can't keep relying on the same people's generosity.

    Find a cause that you can believe in and you'll make the target somehow.

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