Tube Question

Are dogs allowed on the Tube and the DLR?


  • only if they're dead or you are blind
  • think so, I think you just have to carry them on the escalators. I'm sure the TFL website would tell you.
  • FB I saw someone with a dog on the tube the other day (not a guide dog) so I guess not?
  • pssst - I have no idea - just made it up.....

  • Yes dogs are allowed on the underground as long as they are on a leash, do not become distressed themselves in their own right, or cause distress to passengers.  You may also carry them in a suitable container.
  • ... ie. Tupperware.
  • trying to get your sales up again DM?

  • I dated a lass whose mother was the top seller of Tupperware in Slovakia. Beat that.
  • It used to be obligatory: "Dogs must be carried on escalators." But you'd have been OK without at stations with lifts or stairs.
  • They're only small, so they'd probably fit into Tupperware. I may suggest that image I also suggested those bags that all the 'celebs' have, hehe...

    Thanks for the replies people. I've had a look at the TFL website but I can't seem to find a FAQ section, I'll have another look later.

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