Messages For Cath

Just wanted to start this up, so that when Cath is back with us, maybe we can cheer her up and let her know that we've all been thinking about her.

Cath - I hope that everything has gone well for you and just wanted you to know that I've been thinking about you and praying for your speedy return to full health. Hope that Mr. Cath has been spoiling you rotten!!
Keep Strong Sweetie..
Love, Michelle x


  • Glad you're back on the forum Cath. Sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming starting the exercise thing fro the beginning again - but it's worth it!
    Hope everything is going well.
  • Patouka -- thanks :) I'm taking things easy really but fitting in some exercise here and there, trying not to overdo things and take my time. Things seem to be going okay - did a 12 mile cycle ride today. Not that it means I'm fit as it took 3 hours!! Having said that a few short weeks ago I wouldn't have thought I could even get on my bike!
  • 12 miles Cath? Wow! You star you!
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