Ipods banned in London?

I see they banned them in the New York Marathon, have they banned them for London next year?

Good thing if you ask me if they have/do.


  • They were certainly banned in New york. I've not heard anything about a ban at London though.

    A good thing you say, why?

  • hhhhmmmm another recruit for ban ipod thread there PM!
  • RS78RS78 ✭✭✭

    Ive always understood that people listen to music on those long training runs when its grim on a week night or sunday morning but on race days itself? Odd if you ask me. All those people there to cheer you on and you've got your IPOD on. Just don't get it if im honest. I guess I'm a purist, I dont listen to music at anytime when I run and don;t like the idea of it but each to their own. On race day however, I'll never understand that.

  • RS78RS78 ✭✭✭

    I'm only stating my opinion obviously.

  • No, I tend to agree with you Robert. London is such a great event, why block out the atmosphere. But that is no reason to ban them.

    I think that some people slip into an "Ipod trance" which can cause accidents though.

  • TopSecTopSec ✭✭✭

    I understood they weren't banned in New York, merely strongly suggested that you don't wear them.  Obvioulsy exception was made for Tom Cruise's wife though??

    Personally I don't see why they should be banned, people will wander and barge into other people whether they are wearing ipods or not.

  • That's true TS, but isn't there more chance of it happening if someone is wearing an Ipod?

    The race organisors have to minimise risks

  • RS78RS78 ✭✭✭

    No they were banned at all US races included the New York Marathon. That said they obviously weren't going to police it and admitted that. Looks like safety ground and financial costs of insurance apparently. Found this quote:

    "Jill Geer, spokeswoman for USA Track & Field, said the ban was “basically an insurance issue,” because rates rise substantially if headphones are allowed. Each sanctioned race receives liability insurance from USA Track & Field, and it would be up to each race director to enforce the ban. If the ban were ignored, the races would be liable in the event of an accident caused by someone using headphones, Geer said."

    Clearly some people still ran with an Ipod.

  • TS, they are banned in the US for all races ran under USATF rules, NY found it unpractical to try and enforce it. Celebrity muppets have often loads to say about world issues but simply do what they're supposed to appears usually beyond them.
  • Phew that's a relief.

    I missed the sub heading of the thread and thought Livingstone was banning them throughout our glorious capital or imposing some kind of headphone charge.

  • TopSecTopSec ✭✭✭

    Obviously Scientologists have different rules then image

    Personally I don't see the problem and cannot see why people get so precious about others wearing them.  I guess though when someone trips me up because they haven't heard me rather than just barge across anyway to the water station I may change my view image

  • Banned in NY? Really? I ran with an ipod last month in the new york mara - no one stopped me. I only used it on the bridges and less well supported areas to give me a kick. I cant see the problem. El C

  • I use my ipod on any race of half marathon or longer. I find it helps me concentrate on the longer races and takes my mind off the pain. I would really struggle to run a marahton without music - hope they don't ban them at London.

     Given you can wear any sort of mad fancy dress costume for FLM I would have thought this was a lot more hazardous than an ipod!

  • I can't see how wearing an Ipod is any more dangerous than me trying to run without one, when I'm tired. For example, last night I couldn't sleep.  Today I am tired, fratchety, clumsy, grumpy, inarticulate and cannot think straight.  Heaven forbid I go for a run tonight - and if I do, sticking my Ipod on will only help keep me awake.

    Everyone knows when training, long runs are the work of the devil.  I cannot think of nothing for 4 hours.  Granted, I can't listen to an Ipod for 4 hours, but I need to have the option there.

    By all means, fun runners running for the experience of 'doing London' keep your MP3 player at home and relish the experience.  But those needing to focus for times, or relying on Power Songs to get them past 23 miles need all the help they can get.

  • If you're talking about runners focussing on times - surely these are the runners who Won't be wearing Ipods.  You look at the front of any race - very few ipods. Compare that with further down the field and you'll find loads.

  • I started using my ipod in an attempt to get a bit quicker by running to a decent beat - trouble is that apart from the Loch Ness marathon, in the races I've worn it I've been slower!

    Maybe it's the choice of music!

    Having done FLM this year, anyone wearing their ipod in April will miss out on 99% of the atmosphere and 100% of the support!

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