Xmas Gift Ideas

Two men are out in town buying their wives some Xmas presents and decide to meet for a drink afterwards.  One says to the other "Well, what did you get her?"...

He replies "I brought my wife a BMW and a diamond ring.  If she doesn't like the ring, she can take it back to town in her BMW and swap it"....."So what did you get your wife?"

"I bought my wife a pair of slippers and a dildo.  If she doesn't like the slippers, she can go and f*ck herself."


  • Are my jokes getting worse? image
  • I had a giggle at that oneimage
  • X-KKDX-KKD ✭✭✭
  • That really WAS rubbish this timeimage

    Coops, i have e-mailed you re: that critical illness cover we spoke about. 

  • I thought this was going to be such a nice thread:

    Dear Forumites

    I am having some difficulty in finding the ideal gift for the special person in my life.  Please can you suggest what I could purchase for.....

    I'm sure you get the drift.

    I'm very disappointed in you. 

  • I overheard one of the blokes at work asking the girl who runs the shop if his wife who had been helping in the shop had mentioned what she would like for Christmas...he doesn't come over as the kind to put a lot of thought into her presents.. I was surprised that he'd been making such an effort to find what she wanted without asking her directly.

    I left an magazine ad out with my preferred gift circled in red pen for Mr K. image

  • hahahaha
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