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More like sub 3.05 really. Anyway how many 20 milers do/have you done in training including your last long run 3 weeks before or roughly?

Just curious as I want to strike a balance between properly getting myself in shape and burn out obviously. Im thinking 3 x 20 milers and a 22 three weeks before.

Cheers folks.


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    None? lol

  • whats the rush?
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    Er, no rush, i wont be doing any until I start training. I was wanting to gauge opinions. Cheers for your really informative answers.

  • Robert, the general recommendation is 6 long runs I believe. Personally I do more, but go for the 3 consecutive weeks of long runs, and then drop it on the 4th week, and repeat...
  • Robert, I did a 3:04 at FLM this year off 3x 20m runs (last one was a 20m race with the 2nd 10m @ MP) but to be honest the only reason didn't do more was that it was my first marathon and I was building from scratch. I was in pretty good nick generally although I wouldn't say my endurance form was optimal. HR drift started occuring about 21 miles and pace dwindled siginificantly after 22-23.

    As it happens, I have scheduled myself to do 6 this time round as TT suggests, and I'll decide how long to make the longest (somewhere between 22-24 I imagine) depending on how my legs recover from the first couple.

    And obviously this is a sensible time to be asking the question - the more 20+ LSR's you're planning to do, the sooner you'll need to ramp up the mileage. With taper and cut-back weeks I'm due to be up to 20m before end of Jan (for Paris, 1st week in April).
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    Yeah hello mate, i was meant to be doing Paris like you but got a place in London so going to do that now. Ive got something going on on the 6th too so kind of works out.

    I got injured before Tokyo last Feb so the longest run i did was about 17 miles and i only did one 21 for London but a few 16s, 17s (some hilly too).

    I kind of want to push it out for this one which will be my 4th (and pb 3.20 so far) so ive got a good idea what needs doing. Yeah i was thinking of doign a nice slow 20m by the end of Jan. I'd like to do 1 x 22 and 2 x 20s and then some 16s, 17s varying flat hilly. Probably will be about 6/7 long uns i reckon.

    I always find you have to feel your way during training dont you. This is the 7th week ive been chilling out literally just a very few lights runs and some swimming. Ive had soreness in my right heel from the last bit of running but thankfully thats heeled up now image

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    I want to drop atleast half a stone too

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