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  • Well done on stopping smoking. I was a heavy smoker for 25 years but finally shook it off. Best darn thing I ever did.
  • Here here to all people stopping smoking - most impressive!! RC - that must've been hard after so long, well done. I bet it makes you feel so much younger and undoubtedly much fitter
  • Ha - I think its cool how I keep meeting loads of people who have quit and stayed off.  Its a much better point of reference for me!

    Right - will chat on Monday - am away for the weekend.  Thanks for all the advice Aitch!

  • No probs. I'm away on a hen do at the weekend - wohoo!! Out of the window goes all the hard work it'll be carbs and wine all the way!
  • No probs. I'm away on a hen do at the weekend - wohoo!! Out of the window goes all the hard work it'll be carbs and wine all the way!
  • Dunno if its been stated before, but weigh yourself on the same scales, at the same time each week.

    Then you get consistentcy about your weight loss or otherwise !

    It is motivating, well for me anyway !!

  • Aitch - Thanks for the comments.  Give it a go! It's not a diet; it changes your attitude to food and makes you feel better about yourself.  I would definately recommed Paul Mckenna's Weight Loss system to anyone.

    Well done everyone on stopping smoking - that's a great achievment.  If anyone needs help to stop smoking Pauls Mckenna deals with that too!

    Have Fun everyone


  • I think I'll defo have to give it a read and see what I think. I've been eating really well and it really does make you feel better. My skin is much clearer and I just feel better generally. The running really helps - I'm going again today after work and I think when you exercise it make you think more about what you put into your body if you know what I mean?!!
  • Aitch - I agree you do need to eat heathily and put good quailty "fuel" in your body.  If I've eaten a bit more junk food I don't feel so good the next day.  The good thing about Paul Mckennas system is you can eat what you want........ so I eat want I want , when I want and don't feel guilty if I have some choc or chips etc  I just don't eat them to excess any more.

    Have a great weekend everyone


  • Marja,

    weight watchers or slimming world don't work if your running. Diet groups tend to dictate what you can and cannot eat and don't support people who exercise. A good method is counting your calorie, carbs, protein and fat.

    Enjoy your running and the weight will fall off.

    I was a beginner in 2006 and I lost 2 stone in 12 months through building up my mileage and changing my approach to what and when I was eating. In this time I've done a few 10Ks and the Cardiff Half Marathon.

     Good luck!!!!image

  • Thanks everyone,

    Will certainly try Smithills Dean Road!!  Its a mile uphill - will try walking it first, though!!

    Yvone, what is the Paul McKenna system, is it hypnosis?

  • Hi Marja - There is hypnosis involved but only if you want to use it.  You can get a book and CD (any bookshop) or a 5 CD set from QVC shopping channel.

    Basically the system consists of 4 rules:

    1 - Eat when you are hungry (truely hungry not emotionally hungry)
    2 - Eat what you want
    3 - Eat consciously, slowly, savour each mouthful
    4 - when you are full, stop eating

    Simple but effective.  That's all I statred doing at first because I thought the hypnosis bit was a load of rubbish.  But I started losing weight so I paid more attention to the other stuff in his book and listened to the CD that came with it.  I lost 6st in 8 months!  It's the easiest way I've lost weight, no starving, no binging.  18 months later the weight still gone image 

    For exercise all he suggests is to increase the number of steps you take a day by 2000.  That's want I did and found I enjoyed it.  I went further and got faster and ended up running!  I entered my first 10K at the end of August (my 52nd birthday) and haven't looked back.  My first half was Cardiff in 2006 (I've done 8 now) and I did my first marathon in May.

    Check out Paul Mckenna's website if you want more info (If you look at the testimonials you'll find one by me there)


  • Dear Marja

    You have already discovered the best way to lose weight - RUNNING.

    If you run every other day for 6 months you will lose weight. I would not even bother dieting initially - just eat sensibly and see what running can achieve for you on its own.

    I lost 2 and a half stone in 7 months - starting off with the run a minute walk a minute routine and then built up slowly from there.

    Good Luck

  • I don't use the scales, just measure my waist, thighs etc and its working.
  • I've not read all the responses above but thought I'd just add my story for discussion.

    I'm a WWers member, I originally had 2 stone to lose, which I lost due to pointing and exercising. I gave up WWers for a while as thought i'd be able to cope on my own, I was wrong.

    When it worked for me it was because I was eating slightly less than the recommended points for my weight/height and training for the Reading Half Marathon. I did that, and my weight plateaued, then I was told I had a wheat intolerance so gave up the wheat and switched to WWers other plan (Core) and carried on with the running. I wasn't running so far at this stage, it was just really frequent and again, the weight dropped off.

    Generally, I did Monday to Friday eating well, Friday night I'd have a 'treat' meal and then was back to it at the weekend.

    It worked for me but I was sensible how I did things. I've become very aware of what's good and bad but still track each day to make sure I don't pile on any more pounds. I now need to try and lose my final stone (again) and then try and stick at the weight I prefer. 

    I hope you find something that works for you. I know how hard it is but if you're mentally ready for it you'll do anything.

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