Tromso Polar Half Marathon

I have entered the Tromso Polar Half Marathon [5th January 2008 -] and am wondering if anyone out there can advise me as to the right running shoe to be able to complete this event. Thanks


  • looks like a fun event!

    I guess the course could be packed snow or a mix of pack/tarmac so i would think a pair of trail shoes would do the trick, but take ordinary road trainers in case there is no snow......if it's icy then you may need something with studs so perhaps XC shoes with spikes but that maybe overkill

    but I think your best bet of it is snowy would be a pair of Icebugs - - running shoes with some small studs on the soles designed for ice/snow running

    don't know if anyone sells them in the UK though
  • Thanks they look great - I'll try to track them down

  • Check out the Likeys website, they carry gear for both extremes.


  • Also, drop them an email if there's something you're looking for as they're a very helpful couple of guys.
  • MurkyMurky ✭✭✭
    I ran this last year, and despite the fact that I fell over frequently walking round the town in walking boots, I used trail shoes (asics) and they were fine. Once you are out of the town centre the snow is more fluffy and is very pleasant to run on. Really fantastic race.
  • Thanks for all your help on this one

    I really like the look of the Icebug MR4 BUGrip - does anyone know where I can get them in the UK

  • Hi

    I have also entered the event and after searching around have bought a pair of Inov8 Mudclaw 340's which have metal dobs for extra grip in ice and snow - no idea how they will work out yet as a bit short of snow and ice to try them on!

  • Not sure what it will be like underfoot in Tromsø but I use icerunners during the winter.  They fit over your running shoes and are made by a swedish company called springyard.  Website is although I can't see the icerunners on the site you will see the general principle, icerunners have 4 studs on the forefoot and 3 on the heel.  Not sure where you could get them in the UK but they are sold in sports shops in Norway for about £15 to £20.  

  • I run it in 2006 and will again in the coming 2008. In 2006 there was no ice or snow to speak of, since it is a very coastal maritime climate, despite being so far north. All the pavements are gritted or sanded for ice anyway, so I think it would be possible to always run it in a trail shoe, even if they had a big dump of snow (pavements would be ploughed anyway.)

    But since I have Icebugs for training anyway (I live in Norway) I will take them and a pair of trail shoes with me. you could probably take an ordinary pair of shoes and play it by ear - if the conditions required, you could nip into a shoeshop at the last moment and buy a rubber flimsy-thing of stretch-over studs that pensioners etc wear to not fall over. They wouldn't be ideal but they'd do. See you there - I have a blond pony tail image

  • Hi, I just found this forum. I am thinking about running this polar half this coming January (2009) Can anyone just give me some general info on the race? good places for accomodation, cheap flights that sort of thing or maybe any tour operators who organise it. It sounds like an amazing event.
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