too much? i need advice!

After recieving a "sorry" not succesful on london marathon I used the guarenteed entry to edinburgh, then looked at the date, only to realise that its one week after i do the "moonwalk" which, for those who dont know is a walking, midnight marathon through streets of london wearing a decorated bra to raise money for cancer awareness.  i've done this event twice before  but usually 2 weeks AFTER running marathon, this time its one week before.  Do you think i'd be mad to run edinburgh after moonwalk? should i defer til next year? or would a week rest inbetween do the trick?  I generally run 3-4 times per week and my job involves being on my feet 7 1/2 hours per day, will this help? anyone got any good advice? cheers


  • if its a walk then it should be ok to run the marathon, you will have put the miles in by then anyway and should be tapering. i assume you will be looking at around a 6hour time for moonwalk, if its not a run then should not be putting heavy impact on joints and muscles so i would go fo it
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    It depends on how long you're going to take over moonwalk, as jpenno says. Six hours would actually put you at the fast end of the event. It's over 4.3 miles an hour. What time have you completed in previously? What's your target this year? Oddly, I think the longer you take for moonwalk, the less effect it will ahve on Edinburgh!

    <Some of us run two marathons a week apart....>

  • i dont think it should be a problem if you are fit to run the marathon in the first place. If walking it is a big challenge then you will have problems.
  • i walk the moonwalk with a small group so keep together with slowest walker, it usually takes around 8 hours, tiredness is the worst 'symptom' as walking througth the night, but usually get best nights sleep eva on sunday night!

    i'm training now for marathon, not a fast runner but hoping to do it just under 4 hours, fastest so far 4 hours and 7 mins. walking not a problem as on feet all day, and walk quite bit, will up my 'walking' training as well.  thanks for the advice guys, this is my first on a forum, but certainly wont be my last! think i will do both, and womble, running two marathons one week apart, you are my inspiration!! cheers image

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